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3.2 Billion Viewers = 60x Brazil Tourism of Last 10 Year

  • 3.2 Billion Viewers = 60x Brazil Tourism of Last 10 Year

It would take 10.5 million units of the first ever hard-drive and area in excess of 2200 football fields to store the data generated this World Cup. The FIFA World Cup has been as much an IT spectacle as a sports extravaganza, rocketing far past the Sochi Winter Olympics and Superbowls XLVIII, the other major sporting events this year. 12 world cup stadia spun a whopping 376 Billion social media posts worth in data.

The first 10 days of the tournament alone saw data equivalent to 171 Superbowl match-ups per day on the Oi networks for FIFA. These numbers describe but a fraction of the real scale of the event, since they only represent data traversing networks used by FIFA, 32 teams playing and 20,000 international journalists covering the event in 12 stadiums and other broadcast sites within Brazil. These figures exclude public WiFi networks and personal networks within Brazil in addition to every other network in use around the globe.

The Cup has garnered an estimated minimum of 3.2 Billion viewers in past 30 days. This is over 60 times the number of tourists that have visited Brazil in last 10 years.

With 36.5 Million tweets, Germany’s emphatic win over Brazil exploded on micro blogging site to become the single most tweeted event in sports history. The finals notched the highest TPM (Tweets per Minute) record as 618,725 tweets were sent out at the moment when Germany defeated Argentina. Facebook reported 1 billion social interactions in just the first two weeks from 220 million users.

Businesses world over have risen to the occasion to ride this gravy train.

The National Restaurant Association’s report indicates most restaurants and watering holes have invested heavily in their online presence.

Resto-bars pre-announced game-time offers and special contests a month before kickoff through various online engines and social media platforms. The Fados chain launched “2014 Cup Brackets Challenge” which invited people to fill out tournament brackets on Facebook and offered a $1 million prize for a perfect bracket that correctly picks all 64 games. Such events, albeit popular, need technical expertise to pull off successfully.

Many restaurants stepped it up a notch by roping in specialist agencies to handle these activities and have been richly rewarded. Buffalo Wild Wings launched a widely successful smart phone game “Free-Kick” along with partner Budweiser. BWW also hired Minneapolis based company ‘Periscope’ to set up an Instagram campaign “#Fannerisms” where fans could publish pictures of them watching the game and win prizes. This won the company over 2000 new followers in just the first few days.

Scores of such companies offer to handle the operational aspects of these events for the restaurants such as communications, outreach and database management. “Events such as the World Cup often add an extra month’s worth of business if tapped into smartly. But it can be quite overwhelming for those attempting it completely in-house since they are already working full steam to keep up with the rush” observes CEO of 31West, a global inbound call center services company. “Our services allow these businesses to fully cash in on such opportunities without having to split the focus of their primary work force.”

In today’s playbook of advertisement and competition, its plug, preen, publish or perish.