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Apple Watch Dominates In Pre-Sales

  • Apple Watch Dominates In Pre-Sales

The Apple Watch is taking the world by storm. April 24, 2015 it is scheduled to launch and it seems as if the Apple Watch could be one of the first must-have items for this year. First day pre-orders on May 15, 2015 have numbered over the one million mark, already making this device a dominant force in the smartwatch industry.

Pre-Sales In Comparison

In comparison, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus broke all records with over four million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. Whether it is fair to compare a smartphone with a smartwatch is still a matter of debate, however. The iPhone 4S hit one million in the first 24 hours in 2011, demolishing the previous record. iPads famously have run out of stock in previous pre-sale events, causing longer than expected waits when the merchandise became available.

Competition For The Apple Watch

Although smart watches are a new technology, the competition has already become fierce. Competitors include the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 Smartwatch, LG Black G Watch, Pebble Smartwatch, and the Android based Moto 360. Some products introduced steep price cuts in advance of the Apple Watch launch, anticipating exceptional pre-sales after a lengthy campaign.

Apple Watch is equipped with a time-keeping device that is linked to the user’s iPhone. It offers several methods of sharing and contact, including sending a depiction of the user’s beating heart or a tap. It also taps the user’s wrist when a message arrives. The Apple Watch also chronicles the user’s daily activity and sends alerts. It provides basic apps and functions somewhat like a smartphone.

While Apple Watch starts at $349 and can rise as high as $17,000 for the most expensive model, other smartwatches have become less expensive. They also offer fewer features, bells and whistles. The Moto 360 now runs as low as $179 and offers dual microphones to run functions by voice command. It works in tandem with an Android phone. The Samsung Gear 2, running about $299 provides 4 GB of internal storage and also accepts voice commands. It monitors physical activity and can remote control TVs and other devices.

New Dimensions In The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers a new dimension in user interaction, offering a sensitive operation that can recognize the difference between a tap and a deep press. This allows the user to communicate more easily with the device simply by applying varying levels of force when touching it. Sensors around the Retina display are capable of differentiating between different levels of force to operate separate functions.

It seems as if the Apple Watch is likely to dominate the market, at least for a while. While other smartwatch developers are scrambling to bring their devices to new life, this device has already reached it’s predetermined pre-sale limit. Only time will tell if the new users of Apple Watch believe their impending waiting times are reasonable, but with several innovations in communication, this smartwatch is hitting the road running.

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