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With most businesses today relying on outsourced call center services, the number of service providers too have grown exponentially making it  difficult to choose the one that best serves your needs. By far, pricing has been the key factor when deciding a call center service provider and ironically, that’s the primary reason for failed engagement […]

The things you own end up owning you. Cynics sneer at such paranoia. They say that the only thing we love more than new technology is freaking out about new technology. Do we really? Is it a concern without cause? Why don’t we examine this phenomenon in light of one of the world’s leading anthropological […]

Working in the cloud has become an effective way to handle vital business processes. As more companies are looking at the cloud as an essential business tool, outsourcing companies are looking at ways to leverage this new technology. As cloudsourcing becomes the new outsourcing, there are important factors you need to understand. Instant Business Practices […]

Understanding customers’ experiences can help your company tailor its offerings and marketing strategies. Technology MNC companies leverage big data analytics in order to understand its market down to age groups, gender and even whether they eat Chinese food on Fridays. For a small business, this type of information is difficult to obtain. When you leverage […]