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With most businesses today relying on outsourced call center services, the number of service providers too have grown exponentially making it  difficult to choose the one that best serves your needs. By far, pricing has been the key factor when deciding a call center service provider and ironically, that’s the primary reason for failed engagement […]

While the question ‘What to outsource?’ has been answered and re-answered time and gain, a more pertinent question that needs to be answered today is ‘who to outsource?’ Without the right selection of the company that you want to outsource to, Outsourcing may very well be non productive or even worse counter productive! We spoke to […]

At the height of a financial crisis, experts are worried that the current storm in Greece might spread to other regions. The crisis started in 2009 and is believed to have been triggered by the combination of structural weaknesses in Greece’s economy, overly high structural deficits and debt to GDP levels of public accounts. Greece […]

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will be hitting our shelves in July 29th. One of its primary goals on Windows 10 is to provide over 1.5 billion people using Windows, an operating system that runs well on traditional desktops and laptops, as well as touchscreen devices. Although Windows 8 was meant to achieve the […]