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Call Center Emergency Helplines For Nepal Earthquake

  • Call Center Emergency Helplines For Nepal Earthquake

An earthquake with a moment magnitude of 7.8 or 8.1 Ms and and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (violent) ripped through Nepal on 25th April at 11:56 NST. It is said to be the most powerful natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal Bihar earthquake. Approximately 4300 people are believed to have died as at 27th April with casualties reported in Nepal and neighboring areas of India, Bangladesh, and China. The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest killing at least 17 people. Continued aftershocks occurred through Nepal with one shock reaching a magnitude of 6.7 on 26th April at 12:54:08 NST.

Although the famous city of Kathmandu withstood the massive earthquake, the city saw a number of buildings completely leveled. Infrastructure in Kathmandu valley also endured severe damage. Different governments have provided helpline numbers for friends and relatives of victims and tourists in Nepal

Here is a list of the inbound call center emergency hotline numbers:

Emergency numbers 4261 945 and 5521 207

Helpline contacts of the Indian Embassy in Nepal: +977 9581107021, +977 9851135141

State helplines for Nepal earthquake:

Gujarat: call 079 23251900 or 079 23251902/ 14

Telangana: 09650990016 or 040- 23454088

Maharashtra: Call 011- 23380326 or 022-22027990

Andhra Pradesh: Call 011-23385016

NDMA: Call 01126701728/ 29 WB: 1070

The ministry of external affairs (MEA) in Nepal has established a 24/7 Control Room where people can make inquiries regarding the tragic disaster. Numbers: +91 11 2301 2113 /+91 11 2301 4104 /+91 11 2301 7905

Nepal urged other countries to send aid to help cope with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. International aid organizations are mobilizing to get the much-needed relief to Nepal.

Here is a list of some vetted charity organizations through which you can donate to support the efforts in Nepal:

Nepal Earth Quake Relief Fund: A donation fund has been established, and donations can be made online or by phone by texting “GIVE NEPAL” to 80088 and donate $10.

Doctors without Borders: It is an international organization sending eight teams into the affected areas, including a surgical team to run mobile clinics. You can make a donation online or toll-free at 1-888-392-0392

UNICEF: The children-focused charity organization is readying two cargo flights with medical supplies, blankets, and tents, for an airlift to Kathmandu. People can donate to through this organization: 1.800.FOR.KIDS call 1.800.367.5437 to donate by phone or you can donate online.

Red Cross: The relief organization is helping with search and rescue efforts, providing first aid and supplying blood to medical facilities. The organization has about 19,000 nonfood relief kits available in Nepal, including clothing, mosquito nets, kitchen sets, tarpaulins, and personal hygiene items. You can donate to Red Cross and specify that you would like your money to go to in the Nepalese efforts.
You can donate by Draft / Cheque / Cash / Bank Transfer. Contact Nepal Red Cross Society, National Headquarter in Tel. 4270650, 4272761. You can also donate by texting “red cross” to 90999 to donate $10.

AmeriCares: This charity organization is sending workers to the impact zone, as well as preparing relief supplies and shipments of medical aid for survivors. You can donate online or text GIVE NEPAL to 80088 to donate $10.

Mercy Corps: The organization has over 90 volunteers on the ground distributing water, household provisions, shelter kits, tarps, hygiene materials and cooking utensils. Donate on the organization’s website or PayPal.

Oxfam: The international coalition of charities dedicated to fighting poverty has some of its aid workers on the ground providing food and water. Donations are made online, over the phone, by debit or credit card on 0300 200 1999, by cheque; to Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2JY or make donations in any form including cash, to any Oxfam shop.

PayPal: PayPal has set up a disaster management campaign with international charity organizations through local partners to provide relief.

Before contributing to an aid organization, it is recommended that you research its legitimacy. Avoid scams that could be preying on people’s generosity in the wake of such a disaster.

As first responders continue to search heroically and rescue more people, you can help victims of the Nepal earthquake through the vetted charity organizations.