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Can NoSQL Improve Your Business Data While Lowering Your Costs?

  • Can NoSQL Improve Your Business Data While Lowering Your Costs?

Every once in awhile a technological innovation comes along that changes the game. NoSQL could be a game changer in database management technology. This next generation DB solution can help companies improve business data and lower costs.

NoSQL is designed to meet the data management needs of today’s increasingly demanding Internet applications. But NoSQL isn’t just another DB solution. It’s a whole new way of thinking about database management. Its not built on tables and use doesn’t use SQL to manipulate data.

NoSQL is the direct result of the dramatic changes that have occurred in Internet applications over the last 15 years—changes that have placed increasing demands on RDBMS. NoSQL addresses these demands directly, making it a viable option to RDBMS in Internet applications.

NoSQL Drivers

Three interrelated trends are driving NoSQL’s adoption rate to new heights—Big Data, Big Users, and Cloud Computing. NoSQL matches up well with their needs. And while NoSQL isn’t a mainstream solution quite yet, it has the potential to become one more and more CIOs, developers, and IT departments realize that:

  • Operating at scale is more effective running on clusters of standard commodity-type servers and
  • Using a schema-less data model is better suited for handling the type and variety of data today’s companies capture and process.

Like outsourcing tech support, NoSQL can help companies compete in hotly contested marketplaces. Its features make it a fit for applications like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. This fit is why many developers already see it as the “go to” DB solution for Internet apps instead of RDBMS.

Scale Out, Not Up

One reason for NoSQL’s growing popularity is ease of scalability. You can scale databases one of two ways—up or out. RDBMS scales up. Scaling up works well in many applications. But it can be cumbersome to use in large Internet applications with dynamic changes.

NoSQL scales out. So scaling with this schema-less solution is simpler and easier—a big plus for many organizations. If 15,000 more customers suddenly start using your app, no problem. Just add another server to your cluster.

Cuts Costs Significantly

Another reason for NoSQL’s growing popularity is lower cost. Below are three ways NoSQL can reduce your costs:

Cuts Server Costs

Scaling out is a distributed approach. It spreads data across multiple hosts as the load increases using clusters of standard low-cost commodity physical or virtual servers. RDBMS is a centralized approach. It needs bigger and bigger servers to scale, plus more CPUs, more memory, and more disk storage.

Reduces Storage Costs

Since NoSQL leverages cheap commodity servers to handle increases in data (and transaction volumes), its cost per gigabyte for storage is often much less than that of RDBMS, which often employs expensive proprietary storages systems. Hence, you can store more data with NoSQL at much lower costs.

Lower Administration Costs

NoSQL databases don’t need expensive, highly trained DB administrators to maintain them. In fact, outsourcing technical support is a viable option here. High-end RDBMS require expensive, highly trained DB administrators to maintain them. DBA’s are also more heavily involved in designing and installing RDBMS, driving up costs.

Obstacles To Overcome

While NoSQL’s adoption rate is increasing, it still has obstacles to widespread adoption. One is support.  NoSQL database are generally open-source, with only one or two firms supporting each database. NoSQL databases also have few facilities for ad-hoc query and analysis—another obstacle.

But as this technology matures, these obstacles will be overcome and NOSQL will find its way into more and more applications. With everything it has to offer, it may not be long before it becomes the default DB technology for Internet applications, changing the game forever.

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