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Contract Negotiation

10 Things To Know Before Contract Negotiation

Measuring the ROI isn’t rocket science. But it can be telling—especially if you’re outsourcing inbound outsourcing inbound call center services. Often, the benefits greatly exceed the money invested—making it well worth the effort for many SMBs. Call center technology is one reason why the ROI is often above average. Call center technology has radically changed call center operations, helping to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and boost performance. What hasn’t changed over the years is negotiating a contract. Negotiating your way through this maze is a challenge—even if you have good negotiating skills. It also helps if you have your […]

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Contracting Help Desk

5 Challenges SMBs Face When Contracting Help Desk

Do you consider help desk a convenience? If you do, you’re taking it for granted. Help desk isn’t a convenience. It’s a major determinant of customer satisfaction and it can differentiate you from your competitor, increase sales, and boost revenues. But even if you take it seriously, you may not be able to provide it at a high level. That’s typical of many SMBs. These businesses often have resource-constrained IT departments, limiting service. So savvy managers turn to Contracting Help Desk to compensate. It provides benefits that are hard to ignore—including boosting customer service and customer satisfaction. It’s a solution [...]
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Contracting Mistakes

How To Avoid The 6 Worst Contracting Mistakes

According to a survey of 800 executives in the United States, cost savings is the primary driver of contracting. No doubt about it. Contracting cuts costs and sometimes quite dramatically. But if that’s your only reason for contracting, you’re missing the boat. Contracting is also powerful weapon that can transform your business. And if you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re costing you’re business revenue. To get the most out of it, you must take a strategic approach. Only then will you be able to reap all its benefits — whether its tech support, customer service or any another process. […]

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6 Warning Signs Your Contracting Deal Is Collapsing

A bad business relationship or contracting can cost you. That’s why smart managers develop early warning systems. They tell you when relationships start to sour. That way you can make changes before the relationship impacts the bottom line. That’s money no SMB can afford to lose. If you contract tech support and don’t have an early warning system, you should think about developing one. Tech support is a key driver of customer satisfaction. Sometimes, it’s the only contact a customer has with your business. When your relationship with your service provider sours, it can drag your reputation down and hurt […]

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