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10 Questions To Ask Before Contracting Tech Support

For some companies contracting tech support services isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. Contracting provides benefits these companies just can’t pass up — lower cost, increased efficiency and productivity, better customer experiences. Better yet, it provides the competitive advantage they need, not just to survive but also thrive. But to gain this advantage, you’ll need to distinguish between various technical support vendors to find a long-term partner. To do that, you’ll need to ask prospective partners the right questions. This will help you delve deep into a vendor’s capabilities & if the vendor is the right partner for you. That’s […]

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How To Secure Data When You Contract Tech Support

Today, it seems like important business data is always at risk. As businesses grow, the need to contract to specialist vendors also grows, but there are usually concerns about data security especially when contract tech support. Contracting exposes you to compliance problems, liability questions, hacking events, and a host of other legal entanglements that can derail your company. Data theft—regardless of how it’s done—can cost your company millions. The challenge is finding a way of safeguarding your data. We’ve worked with businesses throughout the world to handle tech support and we’ve developed best practices to ensure data remains secure. Best Practices For […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Contracting

Contracting in simple terms is subletting a part of your work to another company which has expertise in that field and paying them for the work done. Contracting is primarily done for two reasons. First and foremost for saving costs and secondly because sometimes a talent or service is not available in-house so companies go for another firm. Like, call center services or helpdesk management services. Contracting may or may not be offshored. However, right now almost 70% of the world’s Contracting work is being offshored to Indian firms, especially in the IT and IT-enabled services sector. Contracting has many […]

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