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call center To Succeed

Companies Obsessed With Customer Service To Succeed

Customer retention is more critical to your business’s survival than you think. Its the key to succeed in today’s competitive environment. When MBNA halved its customer defection rate, it boosted profitability a whopping 125%. With so many options out there, companies that can’t retain customers won’t survive for long—no matter how innovative its products. Increasing customer retention by just 5%, can boost profitability by 75%, according to a study by CustomerThermometer. What’s more, repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. That’ a win–win for everyone. Steps For Customer Service To Succeed: One way to retain customers is to provide […]

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Customer Feedback

How To Use Customer Feedback To Improve Your Tech Support

Are you proactive when it comes to gathering customer feedback? Smart managers are. Customer feedback is the key to improving tech support—or any other service. More importantly, it’s the key to creating epic customer experiences. Every year businesses spend millions gathering feedback. And yet most of these companies don’t do anything with it. Take a look at statistics from a Gartner survey: 95% of companies surveyed collected customer feedback 10% used the feedback to improve customer service 5% tell customers what they’re doing in response to feedback Customer feedback is too valuable to squander. Surviving In A Tough Economy In […]

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Unfriendly Customer Support

75% Of Customers Leave A Company After Dealing With Unfriendly Customer Support

Customer Support is all about meeting customer expectations. When you meet them, customers are happy. When don’t, they’re not happy - and they’re not afraid to tell others about it. Nearly 13% of unsatisfied customers tell more than 20 people about a bad experience with a business. This can cost you big time. Poor customer service costs businesses more than $338 billion annually according to a Global Genesys survey. Single Most Important Factor The most important factor influencing how customers perceive your service is how they interact with your call center. Nearly 70% of all customer interactions are handled in [...]
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Customer Retention

Customer Retention Strategies And Call Centers

Well what does customer retention have to do with call center outsourcing services? Lots! Customer retention happens with good customer relations and great customer relations happen when the quality of your customer service improves. So in short, good customer relations mean customer retention which means great business. Remember retaining an old customer is almost 8 times cheaper than getting a new customer , so it makes financial sense to retain the old customers as not only do they add to the profits through direct purchase, they also get in new customers through word-of-mouth publicity. An increasing number of companies are […]

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