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US Companies That Offshore to India

5 Biggest US Companies That Offshore to India

As business realities change, a number of companies are adopting strategies to Offshore to India & help control costs, stay ahead of the competition, and offer innovative solutions without compromising on quality. India has become a global hub for offshore customer support, back-office & tech support services. Big companies in the US, UK, and Europe are increasingly shifting their call center operations, IT service desk & IT help desk, and other business processes to India. A recent survey indicated that 80% of firms in the US, UK, and Europe ranked offshoring to India as their top priority and claimed that [...]
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Does Your Offshore Help Desk Company Use VOIP?

It is important to understand the technology your outsource help desk company uses when they serve your clients. The phone system, software, and hardware that your third-party organization uses can affect your business in terms of cost, customer satisfaction, and integration. One type of popular phone system for help desk companies is VOIP or voice over Internet protocol. VOIP Benefits VOIP is software used to make calls using the business’ Internet service. The speed and flexibility VOIP offers make it a more efficient choice over traditional phone systems. In fact, companies can see as much as 500% improvement if they […]

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lower cost

MNCs Offshoring To Lower Cost Is For Real

Many small businesses look to see what large corporations are doing to create efficient business practices and to lower cost. Even MNCs don’t have money to waste on processes that are complex, disorganized, or inefficient. Multinational companies could create their own in-house call centers to handle their customer issues. Yet they understand that offshoring rates are often lower than handling support issues on their own. Infrastructure To Lower Cost When call center offshoring began on a global scale many countries didn’t have the infrastructure to support these businesses. Companies took the initiative to improve roads, Internet, and utilities to make […]

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offshoring services

Top 5 Challenges SMBs Face When Offshoring Services

Do you take offshoring services for granted? You shouldn’t—not if you’re an SMB. Offshoring tech support or customer service aren’t just conveniences for your customers. They’re business critical services you provide. They can boost customer satisfaction, differentiate you from your competitors and minimize downtime. They can also boost efficiency and increase productivity. Not many business strategies can do all that simultaneously. And when you’re an SMB, you need every edge you can find to survive and thrive. Offshoring Services – What’s Holding You Back? Despite these benefits, you may still be wrestling with the idea of offshoring. That’s not unusual. […]

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