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Unlocking The Potential Of Offshoring

Offshoring has enormous potential for your business. It can cut costs. It can free up key resources. And it can transform your business into a dominant market force. The question is: How do you unlock this potential? Realizing offshoring potential is a challenge. Make no mistake. But you can do it by: – Targeting the right projects – Choosing the right provider – Managing the provider relationship Of these, the last is perhaps the most critical and the one we’ll focus on here. Managing The Potential Provider Relationship To get the most out of your service provider, you need to […]

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Successful Offshoring

8 Steps To Creating A Successful Offshoring Project

How can I make sure my project succeeds and how to create a successful offshoring project? If you’re thinking of offshoring your call center, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times over. Sure, offshoring provides numerous benefits. It can cut costs, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. It can help you stay focused on core competencies. And it can increase competitiveness. But it also entails risk. So how do you minimize risk and achieve offshoring success? One way is through good planning. It’s the secret to completing offshoring projects on time, on budget, and with high-quality results. Follow The 8 […]

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Offshoring Success

6 Steps To Guarantee Offshoring Success

Everyone agrees – offshoring success can transform your business. It can change you from an also-ran to a market leader—all while cutting costs and boosting customer service. It can even turn your company into a force in your industry—but only if offshoring Success is done right. Despite its benefits, offshore engagement can sometimes be a challenge—one fraught with minefields. If you stumble on one of these, the project can blow up in your face. How can you make sure that that doesn’t happen? The 6 steps below help guarantee offshoring success: 1. Define The Scope Of The Project Identify key […]

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Offshore Projects

6 Essential Metrics To Measure Your Offshore Projects

Measure Your Offshore Projects. "If  You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” It’s an old saying. But it’s true—especially when it comes to offshore call centers & tech support measuring your offshore projects. If you want to gauge the full impact of offshoring a tech support function, for example, you must be able to measure its progress. Otherwise, it’s all for naught. Some managers gauge progress based on just one set of numbers: their SLA metrics. This is a necessary effort. But savvy managers also gauge projects based on process enhancement—an equally telling set of criteria. Combing these assessments reveals [...]
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