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What All Can You Contract To India

If you are having a problem handling your growing business’ demands and decide to take up contract route then the next logical question would be if that particular business process can be actually managed by an external agency? What all can you contract to India? Are you unsure about which jobs can be contracted and which can’t? Well, as far as India is concerned, anything can happen here! Literally, it is the magical land where money can get you any talent, any process and any programming. It is not an exaggeration. All you need is a process where data transfer is […]

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Offshore Call Center Saves Money And Time

Offshore call center refers to the practice of hiring an external partner or subcontractor who handles all your business processing like bills, customer services and customer leads etc. and takes inbound calls on behalf of your company. The main difference between outsourcing and offshore call centers is their location. Offshore call centers are in a foreign land away from the country where the product is being actually manufactured or sold mainly due to considerable difference in wages and cost saving that accrues to the parent company. The critics of offshore call centers harp on the amount of employment loss to […]

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To Offshore Or Not

To Offshore Or Not To Offshore Is The Big Question

Well, if you have crossed this “Hamletian dilemma” and have decided to go straight ahead to offshoring then India is your destination (I hope I don’t sound like an over enthusiastic travel agent, selling his holiday destination to you!). To offshore or not is the next big question. Well, over the years India has earned a place of pride amongst enterprises as a ‘Numero Uno’ offshoring destination and not without a lot of hard work! Let us see three main reasons why organizations are looking to India and what advantages do they get? 1) We have the numbers – Hey! Dude, […]

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