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The Apple Watch is taking the world by storm. April 24, 2015 it is scheduled to launch and it seems as if the Apple Watch could be one of the first must-have items for this year. First day pre-orders on May 15, 2015 have numbered over the one million mark, already making this device a […]

Customer communities have become a popular way for businesses and customers to handle certain interactions. Small business owners may even be under the mistaken belief that these communities can replace inbound call centers. While a customer community may play a role in serving your customer, don’t misunderstand the importance of contact centers. Customer Communities A […]

All call centers have to adhere to government regulations. Whether your agents are collecting credit card information, collecting on past due accounts or handling sensitive customer information, everyone in the call center has to understand and abide by the appropriate regulations. If your company is looking to create a call center or expand operations, you […]

Customer resource management requires the ability to obtain and maintain customer relationships. With the necessary hardware upgrade requirements, the challenges of dealing with multi-channel access and rapidly changing technology one misstep can lead to expensive repercussions. In-house and call center service costs need to be viewed in perspective of effective technological strategies. Misplaced Blame If […]