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Myths About Outsourcing Tech Support Debunked

  • Myths About Outsourcing Tech Support Debunked

Your business needs a better, more cost-effective system for resolving technical customer support challenges than the in-house support team you are now using. Chances are, you’ve considered the possibility of outsourced tech support call center—but if you’ve heard nothing but negative feedback, you’ve probably decided it wasn’t a good idea. In that case, it’s time to take a second look. These are some of the most common outsourcing myths and the real truth behind them.

Outsourcing Myth: Outsourced tech support agents don’t understand my product well enough to speak to my customers knowledgeably.

Fact: This may be true of some outsourced help desks, but with others, such as 31West, there is an extensive training period involved in getting a manager up to speed on the technology behind your products. These managers will study your technical manuals, previous customer communication, and other support documents to get a good sense of what your company’s needs are, and then will hold several in-depth discussions with you to work out the specific details of your customer support plan. The manager will then adapt the training manuals to train a team of agents, and ensure their skill level through a series of tests, mock calls, and group discussions. Training time can take as much as a month; agents are not connected to your business’ customers until they have proven that they are fully prepared to handle any type of customer support situation.

Outsourcing Myth: Outsourced Call center agents in foreign countries have thick accents that will make it difficult for them to communicate with my customers.

Fact: High-quality international call centers take great care in choosing agents who are fluent in English to represent your company, and many would-be agents spend a significant time learning to neutralize their accents so that they can support customers in any English-speaking region. Good international customer support centers hire only employees with flawless English skills and neutral accents to work in their centers, enabling them to easily communicate with customers all over the world.

Outsourcing Myth: It’s impossible for me to monitor how effectively outsourced call center agents are responding to my customers’ concerns.

Fact: At high-quality outsourced help desks, all agent calls and customer communications are carefully monitored for quality, and customers are often able to respond to questionnaires measuring whether their concerns were properly addressed. Contact center managers carefully monitor agents’ calls and escalate them when necessary, and all potential issues in resolving customer conflicts are discussed and analyzed at frequent meetings. This level of supervision ensures that your customers are treated with a level of care equal or superior to that which they would receive from an in-house support employee.

If you’ve avoided the prospect of an outsourced tech support call center, it’s time to get past myths and give outsourced help desks a second look.

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