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Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services: Debunking 7 Myths

  • Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services: Debunking 7 Myths

Is outsourcing inbound call center services a key strategy at your company? It is at many SMBs—and with good reason.

Outsourcing’s many benefits are proven. Outsourcing:

  • Improves company focus
  • Provides access to world-class capabilities
  • Frees internal resources
  • Obtains resources unavailable internally
  • Cuts operations costs

For many SMBs outsourcing is a powerful management lever that boosts customer relationships, business innovation, and competitive advantage.

Once established, it allows companies to focus on their core competencies and accomplish their missions.

Yet, it’s surprising how much resistance there still is to outsourcing. Much of this resistance stems from the many myths surrounding this business strategy.

Below are outsourcing’s 7 top myths and the real truths behind them:

1.     Our company is too small

Outsourcing works well for almost any size company. Sure one company may have different needs than another company. But outsourcing solutions exists to fit almost any size company. What’s more, a good service provider can weave together solutions that fit you company’s needs specifically.

2.     Outsourcing admits you’ve failed internally

Not so. Challenges are often tougher for in-house staff external teams. Globalization and the changing demographics are just two of the many challenges it faces. Working with a good service provider a company can develop collaboration strategies that can overcome these challenges.

3.     They can’t do as good a job as we can

Sure. Your people probably know the industry well. But outsourcers that specialize—and many do—know the industry just as well as your competitors. Also, if compliance is a concern, a provider that specializes in your industry can be a big help with those kinds of issues.

4.     We can do it faster because we don’t have to manage the provider

In-house departments often have barriers that cause delays. If the manger is on the road, this delay can thwart an effort’s execution. Service providers, on the other hand, often have set procedures they follow quite rigorously, expediting project execution.

5.     Outsourcing saves money but compromises quality

You can enjoy significant savings from outsourcing your inbound call center services. But recent research from business advisory firm KPMG indicates that the primary driver for outsourcing isn’t cost reduction anymore. It’s enhanced quality of customer service.

6.     We’ll spend all our time training the provider’s agents

Not really. A service provider will probably lack specific knowledge about a company, it’s customers, and its products, services, so they’ll have to be brought up to speed initially.

But in most cases, it’s only the initial training that has to be delivered by your company. Once that’s complete, all that’s needed is periodic refresher courses.

7.     If we outsource this effort, we can’t undo it

Generally speaking, when companies first outsource they do it because they feel the service provider can do a better job than they can. More often than not, they’re right.

But thanks to the vicissitudes of business, new developments take place all the time. These developments may require companies to make additional changes to the initial outsourcing contract. A good service provider will grow and change with you.

These 7 myths can keep SMBs from capitalizing on the benefits outsourcing inbound call center services bring. But SMBs need to distinguish between myths and reality.

Outsourcing remains a proven business strategy for SMBs.

It can not only cut costs and achieve economies of scale, it can also help them focus on core competencies and accomplish their missions.

More and more SMBs are taking advantage of this business strategy when appropriate. Shouldn’t you?

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