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Measuring call center performance is a delicate balancing act. It involves weighing three key measures of performance—quality, quantity, and efficiency. Finding the right mix isn’t always easy. But call centers are the “front door” to your business—the key way customers contact your business. So it’s imperative you measure your center’s performance regularly and accurately. Measure […]

Your help desk staff would certainly have an easier time doing their jobs if your callers would say exactly what they were thinking at all times. Unfortunately, human beings tend to hide their true thoughts and emotions, making it harder for call center employees to identify the best ways to achieve caller satisfaction. For companies […]

A tectonic shift is re-shaping the face of business worldwide and you may need to explore it to grow your business. Small-to-medium size businesses (SMB) are using technology to become global forces. If you’re looking to become a global force too, a proven strategy that will help is contracting support. Contracting Support Can Help It can transform your […]

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” It’s an old saying. But it’s true—especially when it comes to outsourced call center & tech support projects. If you want to gauge the full impact of outsourcing a tech support function, for example, you must be able to measures its progress. Otherwise, it’s all for naught. Some […]