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How do you define project success at your company? If you said it’s completing projects on time and on budget, you’re wrong. And it could be costing your business hundreds of thousand of dollars. Successful projects deliver tangible business results like reducing corporate costs by 10% or boosting revenues by 15%. As the manager, you […]

The history of the outsourcing industry is instructive. It started out fairly well, cooled a bit around 2009, and picked up steam subsequently. Now, the industry is entering a new phase—one in which more and more businesses are reaping its benefits. The numbers bear this out: 1. IDC expects the BPO marketplace to grow at a […]

Are you proactive when it comes to gathering customer feedback? Smart managers are. Customer feedback is the key to improving tech support—or any other service. More importantly, it’s the key to creating epic customer experiences. Every year businesses spend millions gathering feedback. And yet most of these companies don’t do anything with it. Take a […]

Your call center is the “front door” to your businesses. The call center remains the key way customers contact businesses—even with the Internet’s explosive growth. It’s also a key to determining how your customers perceive you and your brand. Obviously, your call center’s performance is critical. But how do you judge call center performance? One […]