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Do you think cyber attacks are isolated incidents? Or, that hackers won’t attack you because you’re small? Think again! Hackers will hit anyone, anywhere, anytime. Cyber attacks can cost small and medium size businesses big money. In 2011 they cost them an average of $188,242, says Symantec/NCSA. And that’s not all. Hackers forced almost two […]

For some companies outsourcing tech support services isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. Outsourcing provides benefits these companies just can’t pass up — lower cost, increased efficiency and productivity, better customer experiences. Better yet, it provides the competitive advantage they need, not just to survive but also thrive. But to gain this advantage, you’ll need to distinguish between various […]

Building a remote workforce is smart business. A remote workforce can slash overhead costs, increase productivity, and boost employee efficiency. Better yet, it can create happier, more efficient employees. This in turn can translate into better customer experiences and increased profits. And who doesn’t want that? Let’s get into some of the details about having […]

There’s no denying the importance of customer service. Good managers realize this. They also realize that team members; outsourced or in-house, are the key to good customer service. If team members interface with customers — like when they provide help desk services—they are the company to these customers. It’s critical for these team members to deliver positive […]