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Are you missing out on the global business opportunity? Thanks to key jumps in technology, world markets are more accessible than ever. Businesses are working with consumers and partners throughout the world. Businesses in the US are working with others in Australia, China and many other places. Companies everywhere are doing business together. It’s opening […]

Everyone makes mistakes. But when leaders make them, it can be really costly— a lost client, a missed business opportunity, confused Sr. management. Mistakes like these can impact a company’s pocket book dramatically. Leadership mistakes can also de-motivate teams. De-motivated teams are not only unproductive, they’re also poor ambassadors. That in turn can hurt customer […]

Gartner reports that offshore technical support can save companies 25-30%. Savings like this are hard to ignore—especially if you’re a small to medium size business looking for an edge. Offshore technical support isn’t just about money. It’s also about re-shaping your business. The savings derived can be reinvested to enhance other customer–oriented activities. That can […]

Globalization is no longer an abstraction. It’s a reality. For many companies globalization is an imperative. To survive in the 21st century, savvy companies will have to develop strategies designed to help them stay one step ahead of changes in the global marketplace. But crafting a sound global strategy depends on one’s global “maturity.” If […]