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Your business needs a better, more cost-effective system for resolving technical customer support challenges than the in-house support team you are now using. Chances are, you’ve considered the possibility of outsourced tech support call center—but if you’ve heard nothing but negative feedback, you’ve probably decided it wasn’t a good idea. In that case, it’s time to […]

Outsourcing in simple terms is sub letting a part of your work to another company which has an expertise in that field and paying them for the work done. Outsourcing is primarily done for two reasons. First and foremost for saving costs and secondly because sometimes a talent or service is not available in-house so […]

India is a leading provider of offshore, high standard, quality technical support through strategic call center services to the world. These include site technical support, network support, product and software application services, and pre- and post-sales and technical helpdesk services. Technical call centre services differ from the usual call centers in their approach because technical […]

Business process outsourcing has become an integral part of major organizations in the West. Offshore outsourcing helps in saving money and time and offers various types of back office and front office processing like sales, support, maintenance, content management, troubleshooting and knowledge based outsourcing. An effective offshore outsourcing center is one that has a complete […]