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There is no doubt that India is the outsourcing capital of the world. With over 1500 outsourcing firms in India providing small, medium and large scale outsourcing functions to companies abroad, India is in an enviable global leadership position when it comes to outsourcing. After the Satyam debacle and the recessionary trend in the global […]

Almost 2.7 million people around the world have been rendered unemployed by the longest lasting economic crunch in the world. This economic meltdown which began in the middle of the last year and is very much on the high even now; has taken a massive toll on workers across industry verticals and has made people […]

Well what does customer retention have to do with call center outsourcing services? Lots! Customer retention happens with good customer relations and great customer relations happen when the quality of your customer service improves. So in short, good customer relations mean customer retention which means great business. Remember retaining an old customer is almost 8 […]

The movie “Slumdog Millionaire” has really taken the world by storm. From winning 10 Oscar nominations for the Best Picture and the Best Director (the highest for any movie based and filmed in India) to getting other international prizes like the Golden Globe award; to becoming the most talked about movie on the internet; it […]