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Most companies now realize the importance of Email support outsourcing as these have become an integral part of every business. Email support services help the customers to be in touch with you. It allows businesses to get a real feedback from the ‘actual’ users of the product and it keeps the clients informed about the […]

History was created on 20th January 2009 as Barrack Obama took oath as the 44th President of the United States of America. The first Afro-American President took office on the same day as the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr, the civil right activist who championed the cause of equality between the races in America […]

The offshore boom began in 1990’s with U.S and U.K firms hiring offshore companies enlisted as “Cobol” programmers in India to combat the scare of the Y2K (with the change in the codification etc.). That was the epoch-making beginning of the IT offshore dream in India that has now become a full fledged industry generating […]

If you are having a problem handling your growing business’ demands and decide to take up offshore route then the next logical question would be if that particular business process can be actually managed by an external agency? Are you unsure about which jobs can be managed externally and which can’t? Well, as far as […]