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Offshore call center refers to the practice of hiring an external partner or subcontractor who handles all your business processing like bills, customer services and customer leads etc. and takes inbound calls on behalf of your company. The main difference between outsourcing and offshore call centers is their location. Offshore call centers are in a […]

Inbound call centers are actual lifesavers, if you don’t believe me then go on and read this. Imagine a scenario.. Your business is on the big road to success and the phone just will not stop ringing. You are too busy to answer it and the rest of the employees too have their hands full […]

There is no clear-cut rule as to when a company should ideally explore call center strategy but there are no doubts that it has a lot of benefits in terms of money and time saving. If you are more economically inclined than politically, then go right ahead and read this! See why you really need […]

Well, if you have crossed this “Hamletion dilemma” and have decided to go straight ahead to outsourcing then India is your destination (I hope I don’t sound like an over enthusiastic travel agent, selling his holiday destination to you!). Well, over the years India has earned a place of pride amongst the outsourcers as a […]