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Well the quintessential call center is our good old’ inbound call center – where customers literally call in to “say” (read shout) about what’s wrong with their products. All inbound call center executives will tell you that most of their clients who call in are not going to wish them “Merry Christmas” but are either, […]

80% callers to a Call Center are irate. The other 20% call to seek information and can be considered not-irate. The challenge here is to convert the 80% irate callers into admirers (repeat buyers, loyal-happy customer) who will admire you-the support agent, your company and its products / services. In more than 60% of the […]

For most of the clients sitting far away in the US and UK; call centers in India still represent seedy, “kind of weird”, jagged out rooms filled with young “wannabes” who are getting paid to attend to calls in American accents inside a dingy call center. Like most notions about India, this one too is […]

Some of the most established names in the medical health arena in US and UK have established their call centers in India to serve their patients better and streamline access to healthcare. The idea of medical call centers has metamorphed into this highly skilled; very technical, cost effective partnership between medical centers and patients sitting […]