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Staggering Mobile Stats You Need To Prepare For Now

  • Staggering Mobile Stats You Need To Prepare For Now

Apple did something extraordinary—again.

No. It didn’t introduce a new groundbreaking product.

It unveiled a cheaper version of its iPhone.

The new iPhone 5C is designed specifically to appeal to younger less affluent users—a new market for Apple.

With the iPhone 5C, Apple is making a bold statement. It intends to rule the smartphone marketplace.

It already rules the mobile application market with more than 60% of the $3.8 billion industry.

Too Big To Ignore

Apple’s bold move tells us one thing: Mobility is too critical to ignore.

With over 200 billions calls made daily, this market is growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s steamrolling over all other communications methods.

Take a look at these stats:

A recent IDC study indicates that vendors shipped

  • 258 million smartphones in 3Q2013 alone—a new monthly record
  • 237 million units in 2Q2013—the previous monthly record
  • 476 million mobile phones (inclusive of smartphones) in 3Q2013
  • 442 million mobile phones (inclusive of smartphones) in 3Q2012

These numbers are staggering. But wait. There’s more. IDC expects the smartphone market’s strong momentum to continue through 2014.

And these numbers don’t take into account the growth of the tablet sector:

This sector grew 78.4% year to year in 2012. Tablet sales are expected to surpass PC sales in 2013 and portable PCs by 2014.

Mobility Rules

Mobility is everywhere. And it’s revolutionizing how we do business. Yet some businesses are still “unconnected.”

If you want to survive and thrive in the 21st Century, you’ll need to confront mobility head on. One way is to mobilize your workforce.

Here are some measures to take that will help you mobilize workers:

Determine the key issues involved. Create the plans and policies needed to address them.  And then train your workforce.  Having everything in place before starting.

Develop a personal device policy. The BYOD movement is steamrolling along. It can save you money but it puts your data at risk. Developing a sound BYOD policy lessens the risk.

Determine what hardware and software you’ll need. Make sure all the pieces are in place before mobilization.   

Create tech support policies. Determine when and how tech support should be contacted. Designate which lines are for tech support.

Consider outsourcing tech support. It’s a cost-effective alternative in many cases. Each situation is different, so choose wisely. Determine which firm best serves your needs.

Here are some security measures to take:

Perform a security assessment.  Determine potential threats. Consider tracking devices for all mobile hardware. Also, determine how to protect data when employees leave. 

Consider using tracking software for mobile devices. Create a short list of choices and test them. Then select the best fit for your needs.

Determine how you’ll connect with mobile workers—Internet or VPN. Make sure you have the right security measures for the chosen method.

Train workers in password security and data encryption techniques. Show them how to use BIOS passwords and to password protect files and folders. 

Mobilizing your workforce increases collaboration between workers. Here are some measures to take in advance:

Determine how workers will collaborate. How will onsite workers connect with mobile workers? What security measures will you need?

Create a separate and protected area on your corporate Website. Mobile workers can use this area to upload and download files.

Test and evaluate different sharing programs. Workout the potential problems and conflicts before hand. Train employees to use these programs.

These are just a handful of measures you need to mobilize your workforce. Mobility is too critical an issue to ignore. Prepare for the mobility train now. Don’t let it leave the station without you.

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