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The things you own end up owning you. Cynics sneer at such paranoia. They say that the only thing we love more than new technology is freaking out about new technology. Do we really? Is it a concern without cause? Why don’t we examine this phenomenon in light of one of the world’s leading anthropological […]

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important aspects of your business. Call center interactions define customer service. With the reputation of your company on the line, you need specialists managing the frontlines. That is why you should consider CRM outsourcing for your company. Customer Interactions The call center is normally the department […]

Customer resource management requires the ability to obtain and maintain customer relationships. With the necessary hardware upgrade requirements, the challenges of dealing with multi-channel access and rapidly changing technology one misstep can lead to expensive repercussions. In-house and call center service costs need to be viewed in perspective of effective technological strategies. Misplaced Blame If […]

When you are seeking to create a top call center, you need the right employees. Interviewing candidates for open agent positions can be difficult. If you use these six steps, however, you will be able to find star employees for your call center. Keyword Screening The right agents will know and use call center buzzwords. […]