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Gamification has become a unique way to increase customer engagement and loyalty. By creating fun and exciting ways to learn about new products, earn discounts and interact with businesses. Customers feel like they are rewarded for performing simple and fun actions. As the manager of a help desk, by turning the idea of gamification inward […]

Is the data in your inbound call center secure? It better be. Cyber crime is on the rise. And if hackers breech your system, it can cost your company a pretty penny. Consider these findings from the Ponemon Institute: $7.6 million per year is the mean annualized cost of cyber crimes for organizations $1,607 is […]

Leaders are born not made. While it isn’t possible to teach people how to be a leader, it is possible to create an environment that nourishes the leadership qualities in your employees. By creating the right atmosphere within your inbound call center, everyone can be a leader. An Army of One A few years ago, […]

Do you want to improve customer satisfaction? Of course you do. Increasing customer satisfaction boosts corporate revenues, and it does it rather significantly. And while it isn’t a corporate panacea—increasing satisfaction is potent medicine. So how do you do it? A proven way is to invest in advanced contact center technology.  It helps you exceed […]