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31West Global Services | Blog  ⁄  Cloud Computing

Thinking about switching to a Cloud-based inbound call center? You’re not alone. Many savvy managers of premised-based call centers are. But it’s a tough decision to make. Switching to a Cloud-based call center offers numerous advantages.  It’s why more and companies are doing it—even high profile ones like British Telecom. BT recently launched a Cloud-based […]

What’s the biggest challenge you face today? Many mangers think it’s meeting the shifting demands of customer service? To do it, you must be able to serve customers on their own terms—not yours. Often, that’s easier said than done. So savvy managers are turning to the cloud to power their contact center operations. Using the […]

Are you missing out on the global business opportunity? Thanks to key jumps in technology, world markets are more accessible than ever. Businesses are working with consumers and partners throughout the world. Businesses in the US are working with others in Australia, China and many other places. Companies everywhere are doing business together. It’s opening […]

Every once in awhile a technological innovation comes along that changes the game. NoSQL could be a game changer in database management technology. This next generation DB solution can help companies improve business data and lower costs. NoSQL is designed to meet the data management needs of today’s increasingly demanding Internet applications. But NoSQL isn’t […]