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Employees who are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance perform better and less likely to leave your company. Yet in recent surveys of 23 countries, the US came in dead last. The country also ranks low in the areas of relaxation time and high for hours worked per week. Here are some ways that […]

Do you ask for input when making key decisions? Or do you make them alone? If you make them alone, you may be missing critical input. And that can lead you to make a critical call center mistake. The people most impacted by decisions can often provide powerful insights you can use to make a […]

It’s the white elephant in the room. And it’s getting harder and harder to ignore More and more people are using their personal devices at work. And it’s not just at your company. It’s everywhere. Juniper Research claims the number of people using personal devices at work will exceed $350 million globally in 2014. Given […]

Increasing productivity is every manager’s job. But doing so is a challenge in inbound call centers. After all, call centers agents are under tremendous pressure. They’re expected to handle huge volumes of contacts professionally, expertly, and courteously—and still achieve high productivity. It’s a lot to ask. So it comes as no surprise that some agents […]