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31West Global Services | Blog  ⁄  Globalization

It would take 10.5 million units of the first ever hard-drive and area in excess of 2200 football fields to store the data generated this World Cup. The FIFA World Cup has been as much an IT spectacle as a sports extravaganza, rocketing far past the Sochi Winter Olympics and Superbowls XLVIII, the other major […]

There are now more connected mobile devices on earth than people. And the number of mobile devices is expected to grow significantly in 2014 and beyond. For businesses looking to grow, marketing to millions of people worldwide has never been easier. And yet more than half of the Fortune 1000 firms lack a well-coordinated mobile […]

Are you missing out on the global business opportunity? Thanks to key jumps in technology, world markets are more accessible than ever. Businesses are working with consumers and partners throughout the world. Businesses in the US are working with others in Australia, China and many other places. Companies everywhere are doing business together. It’s opening […]

Globalization is no longer an abstraction. It’s a reality. For many companies globalization is an imperative. To survive in the 21st century, savvy companies will have to develop strategies designed to help them stay one step ahead of changes in the global marketplace. But crafting a sound global strategy depends on one’s global “maturity.” If […]