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How can I make sure my outsourcing project succeeds? If you’re thinking of outsourcing tech support, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times over. Sure, outscoring provides numerous benefits. It can cut costs, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. It can help you stay focused on core competencies. And it can increase competitiveness. But […]

Customer retention is more critical to your business’s survival than you think. When MBNA halved its customer defection rate, it boosted profitability a whopping 125%. With so many options out there, companies that can’t retain customers won’t survive for long—no matter how innovative its products. Increasing customer retention by just 5%, can boost profitability by […]

Everyone agrees. Outsourcing tech support can transform your business. It can change you from an also ran to a market leader—all while cutting costs and boosting customer service. It can even turn your company into a force in your industry—but only if outsourcing is done right. Despite its benefits, outsourcing tech support can sometimes be […]

Almost 2.7 million people around the world have been rendered unemployed by the longest lasting economic crunch in the world. This economic meltdown which began in the middle of the last year and is very much on the high even now; has taken a massive toll on workers across industry verticals and has made people […]