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Looking for proven ways to boost your inbound call center’s productivity and performance? That’s easy. Build a strong team at your call center. The benefits of doing so are almost boundless. Building a strong agent team: Improves morale Increases innovation Boosts flexibility Increases efficiency Improves resource utilization More important, it increases job satisfaction. And that […]

Sixty years ago Peter Drucker said that “the business enterprise has two—and only two—functions: marketing and innovation.” Not every CEO fully embraces innovation like Peter Drucker. In fact, innovation leaves many CEOs out in the cold. So while many businesses use marketing to create competitive advantage, fewer employ innovation as a differentiator. Companies that ignore […]

If you’re like many managers of inbound call centers, you’re diligently optimizing your customer-facing processes. You’re training supervisors. You’re scripting responses. And you’re installing tools for managing multiple channels. You’re even investing in the latest call center technology. In short, you’re doing everything you can to boost customer service. That’s great. Inbound call centers are […]

Do your call agents trust you? Chances are they don’t. Workers instinctively mistrust managers until they prove otherwise. It may not be fair. It may not be right. But it’s a fact of life. This is bad news for you and for your company. Unless you gain your people’s trust, their performance will suffer. Instead, […]