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Creating a outsourced call center or an outsourced help desk is no longer enough to take care of customers. Consumers now want access to the company, tech support and their customer history across multiple channels and in real time. This has forced businesses to develop customer engagement centers, a combination of CRM, social media, call […]

Call centers are the front lines of businesses. They drive customer satisfaction. That’s why organizations that deploy outsourced call center activities have to get the most value from their service provider contracts. But doing that is a major challenge. In fact, studies indicate that you can lose anywhere from 40% to 70% of the value of a contract […]

What do customers want from inbound call centers? If you said they want highly personalized service, you’d be right. They want to contact you how they want and when they want. They want issues resolved quickly and efficiently—preferably on the first call. And they want to deal with knowledgeable agents who know their call history. […]

It pays to plan in business—especially when it comes to outsourcing tech support. Savvy managers know that. That’s why they review key tech support outsourcing trends annually. They can make a big impact during the year. Reviewing these trends keeps managers ahead of the curve. More importantly, it provides a golden opportunity to gain a […]