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Customer service today heavily relies on digital channels like emails to communicate with customers and solve issues in a cost-effective, and more personal way on a regular basis. Recent research shows that businesses conduct 25% of all contact between them and their customers via email. Such results indicate that emails have become an invaluable business […]

When a customer contacts a customer service agent for help, complain or seeking help in a product or service-related breakdown, there is almost nothing that matters more to the ultimate success of the company than the language the representatives use. There are lots of things a customer service rep can say that come by as […]

Is IT meeting the needs of your business? Can IT measure its performance versus agreed upon targets? Can IT measure supplier performance? If you answered “No” to these questions, it may be time to take a new approach to IT—one that can deliver a knockout punch to competitors. It’s called Service Level Management (SLM). And […]