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31West Global Services | Blog  ⁄  The Cloud

Call centers of all types are evolving. With multi-channel customer service and cloudsourcing, tech support, customer service and sales departments have had to adjust to new customer demands. Flexibility and adaptability are keys to business growth. Even tech-based multi-national companies understand the need for specialization. That is why many tech MNCs are turning to tech […]

Working in the cloud has become an effective way to handle vital business processes. As more companies are looking at the cloud as an essential business tool, outsourcing companies are looking at ways to leverage this new technology. As cloudsourcing becomes the new outsourcing, there are important factors you need to understand. Instant Business Practices […]

What’s the biggest challenge you face today? Many mangers think it’s meeting the shifting demands of customer service? To do it, you must be able to serve customers on their own terms—not yours. Often, that’s easier said than done. So savvy managers are turning to the cloud to power their contact center operations. Using the […]

Gartner reports that outsourced technical support can save companies 25-30%. Savings like this are hard to ignore—especially if you’re a small to medium size business looking for an edge. Outsourced technical support isn’t just about money. It’s also about re-shaping your business. The savings derived from outsourcing can be reinvested to enhance other customer–oriented activities. […]