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Technical Call Center

India is a leading provider of offshore, high standard, quality technical support through strategic call center services to the world. These include site technical call center, network support, product and software application services, and pre- and post-sales and technical help desk services.

Technical call center services differ from the usual call centers in their approach because technical call centers require in-depth and detailed knowledge about the product and process combined with brilliant troubleshooting and communication skills. It is not everyone’s cup of tea and can only be done by thoroughly trained and skilled professionals.

The technical support process first needs to identify such individuals who are exceptional in their own field – it could be engineering, computers or medical arena and then check them out for their communication skills and problem solving capabilities.

It is a difficult combination to get. As most of the highly skilled technical professionals are found wanting in the communication field.

The Process Of Training

All technical support agents undergo a streamlined training process that makes them proficient in the various aspects of the product and process and teaches them how to solve problems both in the generic and client-specific situations.
Along with technical inputs these agents are required to focus on soft skills like communication, etiquette, language and most importantly their accent.

The technical call center agents are then divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2 support executives to give offshore technical support and the other highly skilled technical people are put in the highest loop to give high-end technical support, bug-fixing and advanced problem resolving.

The Module

The technical support services offered through the call centers are generally customer care services delivered through the helpdesk to provide technical support through toll-free numbers, chat, VOIP, Interactive Voice Response and email.

Helpdesk services are highly sophisticated and allow agents to track a problem until solved. All technical helpdesks adhere to ISO standards and processes are frequently audited and stringent quality control maintained.

These technical call center are of major help to organizations as they provide:

  • Rapid problem solving- Since the call center is dedicated to the idea of solving any glitches in the system or product; they offer instant solutions without wasting any time.
  • The customer satisfaction is much higher in this process rather than in-house helpdesks.
  • These call centers are very flexible and can be easily expand to include other services as well and give a complete comprehensive technical support.
  • The client gets all round 24X7 customer support which is not possible otherwise and that too at one third the cost.
  • The customer is also provided a comprehensive database of users and their complaints and problems that allows them to reassess their product and process and facilitate a smooth problem resolution.
  • The technical support centers are extremely client friendly, maintaining utmost levels of confidentiality and security while up keeping the levels of business ethics.
  • There are periodic, customized reports on the problem generation across different systems and their resolution; which are very helpful in decision making.
  • Regular feedbacks and updates are also provided to the companies.
  • Last but not the least they provide great cost savings and greater operational efficiency in terms of employment and maintenance of infrastructure.

In today’s business environment it is crucial to seize every opportunity to acquire new customers. Technical support agents not only solve glitches seamlessly but also help in expanding contact opportunities and increase sales.

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