The Day To Day Life Of A Managed Service Desk

day to day life of a managed service desk

Sorry but, you are losing it, if you don’t calculate!

Everything in business nowadays is precautionary and pre-calculated.

That is why you require the appropriate amount of support to assist you in improving the technology that you use.

New business issues necessitate a support team that intelligently controls and optimizes IT resources.

We offer a support continuum that is intended to enhance your daily productivity levels and ensure that operational continuity and life-cycle management needs are satisfied.

We offer an IT help desk solution that is proactive, anticipatory, and preventative.

The Common Core of the MSPs

Many businesses simply deal with downtime as it arises without considering how to intentionally avoid it in the first place.

This reactive “break-and-fix” method is incredibly expensive and can spark a riot at work.

Aside from the financial loss caused by an unexpected outage, the aftershock felt on the front lines of the company’s reputation and client connections can be even more significant. The consequences of IT outages and downturns are pricey.

Every company has different technological needs that make it unique.

No two solutions will ever be the same because of this, but our overall objective is to offer technical solutions in line with industry best practices and guarantee that client infrastructure is constantly operating at its peak.

At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to keep things moving smoothly behind the scenes so that problems don’t grow to the point where individuals can’t do their jobs.

You might lose yourself here as it might be overwhelming to get into the shoes of managed IT services, so here’s our Table of Contents for you to wade through easily.

What Does a Merged Service Desk Offer?

1. Server Scrutiny

If there is any activity that exceeds the acceptable performance levels, we are notified by email and phone calls from our network operations center.

System monitoring software saves money by reducing the requirement for a physical system administrator and manual checks. Reports are also used to identify problems, track trends, and benchmark performance in addition to optimizing system availability and performance.

2. Network Managing

Modern networks are complex beasts, so there are many opportunities for things to go wrong. Networks are often the backbone of businesses and when they don’t perform optimally, your business may suffer.

To mitigate this, we provide network traffic and bandwidth usage monitoring alongside support for a wide range of networking products including LAN, Wireless, Firewall, Load Balancing, Content Filtering, and WAN Optimisation platforms.

For the following reasons, these services are a crucial part of our Managed Services agreements:

  • Reduce the duration between performance failures and network disruptions
  • Create reports on network performance
  • Identify security risks
  • Keep complete network visibility

3. Cloud Services

Cloud services enable individuals and organizations to work from anywhere and on any device. They simplify integration and device adjustments.

On any given day, we handle the licensing, monitoring, backups, and configuration changes for multiple cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365, Azure, Google Apps, and DropBox as a Managed Services provider.

With fixed monthly pricing, cloud-managed services are often more cost-effective than hiring an in-house IT team.

4. IT Support and Troubleshooting

Clients of Digit IT Managed Services benefit from Guaranteed Response Times and 24×7 IT Support based on their service level agreement.

Critical concerns, such as a server being offline, will, for instance, receive a response within two hours, with a goal response time of fifteen minutes.

Our team works individually or collectively (as needed) to troubleshoot complicated issues on a daily basis. Modern networks are complex and multifaceted.

Requests for assistance with mailbox management, accounts, and application access are among the daily ‘tickets’ completed for clients.

Clients of Managed Services can select between onsite and remote help, with the majority opting for a combination of the two.

5. Reducing Risk / IT Security

Preventing unintentional and malicious risks is an important aspect of what we do, as is staying up to date on new attacks and evolving IT Security technologies and software.

Security audits and security monitoring assist us in identifying risks before they become a problem, as well as responding rapidly to occurrences so that they can be contained quickly.

User security incidents are often more difficult to manage, and in such rare cases, our days turn to nights as we work night and day with our clients to control security breaches through disaster recovery services.

6. Customer and Service Provider Management

We occasionally work with other parties to complete a project.

As a managed services partner, we assume the position of Project Manager, bringing everyone together to minimize clutter and ensuring the process is as easy and effective as possible for our clients.

7. Preventing Data Loss

Data loss can be disastrous for any business, and you need to know that in the event of a security breach or natural disaster, your systems will be backed up and operating as soon as possible.

Every excellent Managed Services provider should spend some time each day ensuring that data is safe and secure. We do.

8. IT Planning

Clients of Digit IT Managed Services receive monthly IT system reports as well as quarterly face-to-face Technology Business Reviews to assist them to get the most out of their IT investment.

During these sessions, we work with customers to review any feedback (both positive and negative) and ensure that clients are investing in solutions that match their present needs as well as future business goals.

We get that organizations must allocate funds for IT updates and plan IT solutions for the long run.

Given this, we give clients ample warning when goods are near the end of their useful life and when it is time to update hardware, renew licensing subscriptions, and domain registrations.

9. Training and Upskilling

IT realm is constantly growing at a pace that cannot be contained, not anytime soon.

Every employee in our company enjoys experimenting with the technology. Additionally, we are constantly exploring new approaches to improve the speed, effectiveness, and security of your systems.

10. Ticketing

Our support portal is a powerful feature that enables you to report issues. We make inroads into the day-to-day IT status of our customers and open up a channel of dialogue. easy to navigate.

11. Point-of-Contact

Our help portal is a handy tool for reporting problems. We build a line of communication and make advances in our customers’ daily IT status.

Simple to navigate, once the sails are set!

12. Training Plan

Utilize our training program to quicken the learning process for your personnel.

Your staff’s skill set will be expanded and strengthened thanks to our creative delivery strategies. We simplify technical training.

13. Quick Reaction

Our support specialists respond promptly to workload and mission-critical needs thanks to higher service levels, ensuring high productivity.

For management, we escalate to higher support levels.

14. Consistency

A consistent end-user customer experience from delivery centers spread across the same city. We provide multi-industry platforms with high-quality assistance and timely decisions.

The Types of Monitoring

1. Real-Time Surveillance

Rapid remote remediation and advanced reporting

We receive real-time warnings and status updates from integrated intelligent monitoring systems, which provide us insightful views into your data in motion.

Our frontline team uses interactive dashboards to generate and display vital information, which they use to find, examine, and address problems before they become obvious.

In order to protect your IT investments, we look into and address fundamental problems. Obtain control over all IT infrastructures, stay updated in real-time, and guarantee availability.

2. Network Surveillance

Ensure accessibility, end-to-end network control that is centralized

A consolidated network monitoring solution that unifies all of your disparate network devices into a single reporting and monitoring platform will measure performance, trends, and data.

The monitoring platform is designed with capacity planning and fault avoidance in mind.

We can acquire a clear and precise assessment of uptime, errors, utilization and consumption streams, and other business-critical indicators, which simplifies end-to-end monitoring of your IT network.

3. Application Screening

Dynamic thresholding for better vulnerability management

We monitor business-critical software and policies holistically to ensure that your day-to-day company activities are performing at optimal levels and are accessible to end users.

Our easy-to-deploy monitoring software meets your enterprise-wide demands by delivering measurements in real-time and transforming data into insight.

We can monitor and control the health of a wide range of software, from out-of-the-box to industry-specific programs, as well as applications such as email and VoIP, while minimizing resource over-utilization.

We guarantee excellent service which will be surreal.

4. Server Watch

Automate server and operating system monitoring on-site and off-site

With our comprehensive monitoring system, you can see important performance indicators for any number of operational systems.

Our interactive dashboard enables us to effectively handle several operating systems in host and distributed contexts.

We locate and fix infrastructure issues, and guarantee your IT department’s overall effectiveness.

Our proactive monitoring software aids in resolving outages and capacity bottlenecks that cause essential apps to sluggishly or abruptly stop working.

With all that Considered,

Providing a reliable support is the essence of an MSP, that’s what makes the core of it.

Of course, businesses can exist without MSPs but to thrive and become successful an organization will need maximum support that is seamlessly available.

MSPs are built by the leaders who knew what the building blocks of a business are, their vision of having a dozen hands in place of just two hands is what gave birth to the managed service providers.

Ultimately, MSPs are the fuel that makes the IT realm run without any startling sudden brakes and they will be needed in the future too in order to lubricate its cogs.

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