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To Outsource Or Not To Outsource Is The Big Question

  • To Outsource Or Not To Outsource Is The Big Question

Well, if you have crossed this “Hamletion dilemma” and have decided to go straight ahead to outsourcing then India is your destination (I hope I don’t sound like an over enthusiastic travel agent, selling his holiday destination to you!).

Well, over the years India has earned a place of pride amongst the outsourcers as a ‘Numero Uno’ outsourcing destination and not without a lot of hard work!

Let us see three main reasons why organizations are outsourcing to India and what advantages do they get by such kind of outsourcing?

1) We have the numbers – Hey! Dude, I’m not talking about the population (we sure do have the numbers) but we have other (more respectable) numbers as well. Like we have a whole lot of qualified and trained engineers, medical transcriptionists, call servicing agents and a whole bunch of call outsourcing contracts from across the globe. From outsourcing calls about medical insurance to travel agency from Airways to hotels; most of the world’s outsourcing of calls and back processing happens from this country.
And with so much practice, over the years we sure have become experts at outsourcing.

It won’t be cliched to say that we provide low costs, high-quality and greater flexibility than any other outsourcing nation (and this has been proved by a survey by Mc Kinsey’s).

Outsourcing to India, will definitely boost your productivity, quality and efficiency of call handling and increase conversion of call leads into actual sales. Proven!

2) Lowering your Cost– Outsourcing your business back processes or even your calls to India can greatly reduce costs. Ya you guessed it right ; because we are a whole lot cheaper than employing any one in U.K or U.S for the same kind of work and timings.
In the west, technical talent costs you a lot (but in India with 4000engineering colleges and 2500 universities) talent comes cheap. With the scramble for jobs amidst this high population ratio; you can get the best that money can buy!

With India’s wide pool of highly-skilled professionals, educated unemployed young work force and low costs of infrastructure, you can get the same outsourcing done at almost 1/8th the cost that it would incur in the West!

It surely makes a lot of business sense.

Does this mean that we compromise on the quality of the services? No not at all, contrary to what people (especially the Chinese and Koreans) have been propagating; Indian call centers have high-levels of quality assurance!
Our quality checks are stringent and match the best in the world and more over, the quality of the work determines the payments made, so we dare not compromise on that; if we want to see those dollars flowing in!

3) Time Zone benefits– No one can deny that India has the time zone advantage when it comes to outsourcing. Companies that want 24/7 call outsourcing can benefit greatly from this, because maintaining a facility in U.K or U.S that will cater to round-the clock calls can be a big headache whereas when it is outsourced to India it becomes as easy as saying “Namaste”!