Top 5 Reasons to Consider Managed Services for Microsoft 365

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Managed Services for Microsoft 365

Meeting the growing demand for remote work capabilities has become one of the pressing concerns of almost all companies around the world.

And many found refuge in adapting to cloud services, which is preferably wise and good penny-worth!

Reportedly, 94% of enterprises use cloud services you know why?

Microsoft, the behemoth of cloud solutions providers made it easy for the companies to remain flexible and competitive despite the rapid changes.

What is so Special About Managed Services?

In the IT world, Managed Services allow you to offload the responsibilities of business administration and system management to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

This works more like the help desk support companies, where you can allocate business-critical IT systems to professionals who specialize in cloud technologies.

Managed Services for Microsoft 365 holds a special place in the business world by helping you to focus on what really matters – your business!

This changed the game by making companies incinerate the fears around cloud migration and bust the myth clinging to the penetration test.

Here comes the anchoring reasons for you to consider managed services for Microsoft 365.

1. Visibility Across All of Microsoft 365

Microsoft, being an exceptional example of a service provider, has developed a robust ecosystem of services to make your business taste success by rendering an enterprise-level functionality.

But it might appear chaotic and overwhelming when you take a look at all of it in one go, (there is a danger of puking when looked at from a bird’s eye view) without a proper navigator.

When it comes to managed services, the subject matter experts will help your personnel detangle the knots, making each service clearly visible.

Starting from the pentest or Penetration Test, the MSPs will make things make sense!

Taking the hands of Managed Services will save you from gaping at the magnitude of Microsoft 365 but rather renders full visibility into the  Microsoft toolset.

2. License Management

Microsoft licensing is intimidating!

Yeah, you read that right. Worthy products might cost an arm and a leg, but an impressive feature of Microsoft 365 is that it swiftly converts your penny into a value-added pack.

Underneath every feature-rich service, there’s a license that enables it, and keeping track of them is not a doodle.

And at the same time, you have to ensure that you got the right services in your lap. Sounds like an alphabet soup?!

This is where managed services for Microsoft 365 come to the rescue.

The Rescue Mission

They can set you up with the right licensing to fit your business needs, enabling the services that help drive collaboration, deliver results, and add value to your organization.

Stop getting red eyes going through each licensing document every time and make use of the managed services available ready at hand.

They will not miss the details, not even the penetration test.

3. Minimizes Downtime

If there’s a sentiment that so many leaders chose to voice out, then it’s the criticality of Disaster Recovery capabilities.

In the words of Scott Sparvero, CEO at iland Internet Solutions Corporation,

“With the rise in remote work and the frequency and impact of cybercrime growing each year, having a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy in place is critical to ensure organizations can defend, protect and quickly recover from data loss…”

Disaster recovery strategies swiftly impact your capacity to reduce downtime and assist offset the effects of equipment failure or data breaches.

Having integrated systems has been a road frequently taken by many companies but this is proven to be a hornet’s nest.

Why because this is like the series connection of fairy lights, if there’s a glitch in a single bulb the whole thing will go off.

Prefer an ounce of prevention!

This will make you face a fiasco if you fail to notice a minuscule mistake in any one of the systems.

Also, only 54% of US businesses with over 500 staff have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place which is an alarmingly bad figure.

But the MSPs by making you go through the penetration test make sure that your system is capable of doing the big stuff.

Yup! MSPs can keep their eyes on your systems, identifying potential hardware or software issues that may need your attention.

Additionally, they help you draft plans to put a tag on your downtime.

4. Improved Employee Experience

Every successful company knows how crucial the concept of talent retention is!

If you fail to do good in retaining your employees (especially the top talents), it foreshadows your catastrophic doom.

As the stats have it, the average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary which is an utter loss in your revenue turnover.

So, providing the right upgraded tools to help employees succeed in their positions is one of the top ways to retain talented employees (once you’ve found them).

And regardless of your business sector, technology places a key role.

Adapt at Ease

Reportedly, Microsoft 365 is used by over  a million companies worldwide, with over 731,000 companies in the United States alone using the office suite software.

Hence, they always make sure to swiftly adapt to the changes and evolutions. This can wreak havoc among your personnel, tampering with their productivity.

Managed Services which knows the nuances and values (even the seemingly trivial preliminary stuff like Penetration Test) can help you keep up with these updates.

They aid you in managing critical changes, ultimately improving the experience of the employees who come in face-to-face with these systems.

5. End-to-end Service Delivery

Having discussed the possibilities of improving employee experience, you better turn your head towards achieving end-to-end delivery via MSPs.

Not only can managed services assist in process improvement and manage critical systems, but they can also deliver these benefits end-to-end.

MSPs are completely capable of unburdening your workforce from spending internal hours and additional resources to perform a penetration test, create training materials, adoption strategies, best practices, etc.

Remove the Roadblocks!

Rather their efforts can be channelized towards the real work that matters for the triump of your company.

Subject matter experts from the MSPs can remove roadblocks, streamline adoption, and drive collaboration, allowing your teams to take full advantage of Microsoft enterprise services.

Hence, enhancing and ensuring the end-to-end service delivery without any bottlenecks.


The above reasons for you to consider managed services with Microsoft 365 are just the tip of the iceberg.

The benefits of picking MSPs for Microsoft 365 go well beyond the ones that we can conjure with our words in this article.

north america managed services market size
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Reportedly, the global managed services market is projected to grow from $243.33 billion in 2021 to $557.10 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 12.6% in the forecast period.

One can go on listing out the robust and brawny yields such as Expanded Scale, Support On Demand with Strong SLAs, Automated System Maintenance, Managed Infrastructure, and so on.

However, these 5 crucial reasons alone shoot the question: What are you still waiting for?

Whether you’re struggling to understand the full scope of Microsoft’s ecosystem, or you’re looking to strengthen your security posture, managed services are the way to go.

Plus, if taking immediate action to improve your internal collaboration and processes is all that you need, trust us, Managed Services for Microsoft 365 will work wonders!

Bona Fortuna!

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