Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

We have best in class infrastructure offering 100% redundancy to deliver 100% uptime.


IT & Telecom Infrastructure

     Best in class laptops, Servers, Networking equipments etc
     Private data center
     100% power back up
     24/7 in-house support team & established escalation process.
     Monitoring & failure notification via phone, e-mail and SMS.
     Adequate inventory of spares to ensure minimum downtime.
     Leased Internet Connectivity from multiple ISPs.
     Telephone lines from multiple telecom providers.
     Telecom infrastructure is a mix of Fixed Wired & Wireless
     Constant review of rapidly changing technology resources.

Physical Security

     CCTV Cameras for 24/7 monitoring & recording
     Premises are guarded 24x7 by security guards.
     Fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.

Network Security

     Firewall & Intrusion Detection Systems.
     Secured V-LAN for Separate Clients
     VPN for remote access to senior personnel & clients.
     Antivirus and Anti-Spy protection
     Constant review of security policy.
     Complete security of all kinds of data.
     Daily backup and offsite storage at different secure locations