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Managed  help desk by 31West presents the most reliable and pro-level IT support services, no matter the size of your business.

Our managed help desk support works just like an in-house help desk team. But the difference is that our  help desk services come with a lot of advantages over an in-house help desk.

From lesser costs to better support to freeing up the time of IT staff for strategic purposes, it benefits a business in multiple ways.

Benefits of Managed Help Desk Services

You incur lesser expenses:
In-house help desk setup requires hiring, training, and then paying a monthly salary. Add to this vacations, PTOs, sick leaves & attrition. You’re also required to spend on hardware, software, and creating dedicated office space & managing the team. While you can get help desk services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house help desk team. Our service compliments & supports your in-house team in multiple ways.

A dependable 24/7/365 support to your employee and customers:
A multi-location business whose employees are spread across different time zones needs a 24/7 help desk for resolving issues. Only a 24-hour active, outsourced IT help desk can comprehensively take care of issues your customers and employees face round the clock. This helps free up time for your employees to take on bigger problems. Your customers are satisfied as their issues are resolved 24/7.

Free up your IT team for strategic purposes:
When your business grows and the number of users increases then your IT team will find less time to focus on critical business initiatives. The presence of a managed help desk service would free up the time of your IT staff. We handle all tier-1 issues faced by your customers and employees. Your internal team can focus on strategic objectives such as implementing the right technologies that drive business results.

A scalable help desk that’s responsive to your business needs:
An in-house help desk can have limited support staff. They can’t handle a sudden increase in support calls which may happen after acquiring a new client when your client grows fast. The increased support needed would keep your in-house staff busy. Your end users would be waiting for a prolonged period of time for issue resolution. This may result in a breach of SLA.

But managed help desk provider can scale up the support agent at a short notice. This is a better approach for reliable, responsive, and scalable support than an in-house help desk.

Better support experience:
When your employees or customers come with issues with hardware or applications, the managed help desk team can resolve them quickly and close tickets fast. The time spent on the line with help desk agents becomes less. The number of repeat calls becomes less. First call resolution becomes higher. The help desk volume reduces over time which results in additional cost savings.

Low-risk faster implementation:
You need to put in place new technologies to grow. But the process of bringing in new hardware and software is laborious. Your IT team would need extra help to manage the transition. For that, the highly qualified technicians of managed help desk services come in handy. They are experienced in implementing state-of-the-art technology for other businesses as well. Hence the risk of implementing new technology is reduced significantly.

Why Select 31West As A Provider Of Your Managed Help Desk Services ?

When you hire us as your provider & partner of managed help desk services, your business can benefit in the following way:

True 24/7/365 customer service:
Our specialty lies in round-the-clock help desk services. We provide it at a rate you won’t find anywhere else. We work with your existing ticketing system, remote management, and network management tools. We do not bring or force our own tools into your ecosystem. Our managed IT service desk team members proactively resolve issues before users become aware of the risk. As a result, your critical IT systems are always up and running.

Efficient support team:
Our managed service desk team takes care of patch management along with upgrades of OS, application, and hardware. Ensuring that your systems are always up and running. Your IT staff can give full focus on helping companies with planning and executing technology changes and other revenue-supporting activities.

A pool of talented engineers for growth:
We are never short-staffed. No matter how fast your business grows, we’ll have adequate engineers trained for your product or services and to handle the increased loads. All you require is to make a phone call and plan a scale-up with our operations team and we’ll efficiently make changes according to your business needs.

Extension of your team with dedicated specialists:
Each of the help desk agents designated for your managed help desk services is trained on your process and applications. They ensure a high first call resolution rate when your employee or end users come up with an issue. Our experts have deep knowledge of your IT environment and can handle any complex issues when your agents escalate tickets to them.

Moreover, our dedicated Service Delivery Manager ensures that SLA is met and we provide the best of the industry help desk services.

How Do We Deliver The Result We Have Promised ?

The process of delivering managed help desk services starts with the assessing client’s requirement.

First, we assess the end user’s setup and overall IT environment of the client.

  • We identify the roles and responsibilities of our engineers.
  • We define the service levels
  • Understand your internal policies and procedures
  • Create a transition plan

Then during the onboarding of the client we

  • Prepare comprehensive KB and SOPs
  • Ensure a smooth fully documented transition
  • Test tools and processes

Thereafter we plan for continuous maintenance & process improvement. We remotely update security and critical patches and install updates so that IT infrastructure remains secure. We schedule a maintenance period for the release of updates for the upcoming month. We keep an on the systems round the clock so that issues are quickly identified and diagnosed before it transforms into a bigger problem. As a provider of managed help desk services, we ensure zero IT downtime.

The step by process of delivering managed service desk services by 31West:

The Service Level Agreement (SLAs) with 31West clearly specifies the

  • Response time requirements
  • The time frame for ticket escalation is based on priority levels

And we offer

  • Under 5 rings phone answering time
  • Under 15 minutes of email replying time
  • Under 1 minute chat response time and
  • Notification response time under 5 minutes

#1 Service request receiving and processing:
The end user reports an issue via phone, email, or web form. We pick up the ticket for resolution from your ticket management system. The document all the steps taken to resolve the issue. Next, we confirm with the user if the issue is resolved to his satisfaction & then close the ticket.

#2 Acknowledgement, prioritization, and assignment:
An acknowledgment email is sent to the end user with their service ticket number. The email confirms that their issue has been received and is under process. In the meantime, the ticket is prioritized based on its impact on the customer’s business. The most pressing issue is assigned for the most expeditious resolution. Accordingly, it’s assigned to the best resource for resolving it.

#3 Updates & resolution:
The end users get an email and/or call notifications on the progress of issue resolving work by the technician. The technician keeps a record of the steps taken in settling the issue. Also, mentions the ways to prevent the issue from recurring. Once the whole information is reviewed by the Service Delivery Manager, the user is notified of the resolution.

#4 Analytics and reporting:
In our real-time dashboards, we highlight live support effectiveness, first call resolution percentage, and the knowledge base. So that you can use it to maximize the value of your service desk.

Top Features of Managed Help Desk Services

Key features of our managed help desk services for you are:

The Proactive Features include:

  • 24/7 device monitoring to keep your IT systems up and running
  • Automated updates install, patching in a scheduled manner
  • Reports on performance and preventive maintenance
  • Removal of viruses and malware
  • Monitoring of network availability
  • Support for mobile devices, servers, network devices, storage, desktops, and laptops.
  • Get a wide array of IT experts who are well aware of current technological trends. Level 1,2, and 3 technicians.

The Reactive Features include:

  • Management of incident and service requests with proper classification and prioritization codes
  • Resolution of incident and service requests in the most expeditious way possible
  • Escalation of incident and service requests when timely resolution isn’t possible with level 1 support.
  • Service delivery as per SLAs and ITIL
  • Support available through phone, chat, email
  • Self-service materials to end users
  • Real-time dashboards and scheduled reports

Are You Ready to Provide Incredible End-User Support ?

Let the IT expert of 31West help you formulate an amazing support experience in your workplace and for your customer as well.