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Deliver the level of managed service desk support that can keep your staff productive and drive customer loyalty while keeping the costs low. But this can only be possible when your managed service desk team provides fast and effective support to your employees and end-users round the clock.

31west has been a provider of service desk services to businesses for 20+ years, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective service desk outsourcing solution that can fit your organization’s requirements. It comes with an easy scalability option where you can seamlessly scale up your service desk function as per your business growth and objectives.

How Outsourced Service Desk Benefits You?

Reduced Infrastructure Needs & Overhead Expenses = Lower Operating Costs:

A managed service desk from 31West allows you to access the IT service desk team without the risk & efforts of setting up your own team and then continuous expenditure on maintaining it. Our simple per engineer per month basis billing reduces your IT budget by up to 45%. This makes your outsourcing service desk way more cost-effective than maintaining an internal IT service desk.

Moreover, with our service desk, your employees and customers get 24x7x365. No more holidays, sick leaves, or PTOs. You don’t have to worry or spend on over-time payments or last-minute roster adjustments.

Increased Efficiency:

Our service desk agents at 31West are rigorously trained in your product, services & SOPs. They remain up-to-date about all industry-standard operational practices in order to resolve service tickets raised by your staff and customer quickly. When the service desk agents encounter complex challenges, they escalate the tickets to experts having extensive experience in your IT environment.

Our super-fast response time over phone, email, chat, and notification also significantly reduces waiting time for your users and customers.

Managed Service Desk Eliminates Headaches Associated With In-house Service Desk:

As your employees and customers may require help round the clock. This requires your in-house service desk to be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the midst of constant staff turnover, unexpected factors such as sick leaves, and maintaining an in-house service desk team can overwhelm you.

Being one of the top service desk outsourcing companies, we take all the responsibility for service desk services so you remain worry-free.

Anytime – Anywhere Service Desk Helps Your Staff:

Your employees & customers can be spread out over different time zones. They can work on any device while sitting anywhere and at any time of the day. Technology challenges or issues can arise at any time. Your service desk support must be just as available & experienced.

At 31West. our service desk support team is in sync with your team’s schedule. We ensure our availability to your staff & customers no matter where they’re located or when they choose to work.

At Your Service From The Start:

We use our proven transition plan for deploying the service desk team for your organization. Our time-tested transition plans enable us to provide uninterrupted migration almost immediately to your organization. Key best practice disciplines are implemented from the very beginning.

Key Features of Managed Service Desk: What Sets Us Apart?

Service Desk Agents at 31West:

We hire engineering graduates having a positive attitude toward problem-solving. These hires go through a rigorous induction program including the ITIL Foundation course. Then these highly qualified agents are trained on your product, services & SOPs. They are able to handle service requests from your staff and end-users in the most expeditious way with a high first-call resolution rate.

Responsible Team Manager:

The Team Manager is your single point of contact for your managed service desk agents. Our Team Managers ensure that all service level agreements (SLAs) are met and are continuously improved.

They have a prominent role in keeping all the service desk agents highly motivated, energetic, trained and in sync with the latest updates. They’re the ones responsible for regular appraisal and progress management of our agents. If there’s any performance issue, our managers are your go-to person who is always ready to help.

First Assessment & Improvement Plans:

At the start of the engagement, we collect data about your IT infrastructure. As part of the first assessment, we’ll gain insight into the health and current performance of your workstation environment along with identifying roles and responsibilities.

We will also prepare a transition plan, and define policies and procedures. This initial assessment is the most important aspect of the improvement plan we prepare for your organization.

We Empower Your Employees Through Self-service Options:

Some service requests are simple; requesting a new device, password reset, or requesting software licenses or access to applications. To ensure that these simple requests don’t pile up to disrupt the workflows of your employees, we manage knowledge base articles and training resources through a curated self-help portal with a service catalog.

Empowering your employees and end users to solve minor issues on their own & quickly reduces ticket escalations and wait times.

Reporting and Trend Analysis:

At 31West, we provide monthly reports & schedule review sessions with you. As a managed service desk provider, we use these reports to recommend efficiency improvement on a continuous basis.

We show real-time support effectiveness, and the percentages of first contact resolution, and highlight the knowledge base. All these help us in trend analysis and in maximizing your investments in service desks.

Simple Pricing Structure:

We offer a very simple monthly pricing structure to our clients. The pricing is based on the Per Engineer per Month model so your billing does not get complicated or unpredictable. At 31west, you won’t be bombarded with no hidden charges or over-usage fees.

The pricing factors: Ensure a predictable monthly service desk expense

  • Hours of Service Coverage: 24 hours/day, 12 hours/day, 8 hours/day
  • Days of Service Coverage: Mon-Sun, Mon-Sat, Mon-Fri
  • Channels for Support: Email + Tickets, Email + Tickets + Phone
  • Support Nature: only L1 or Tier 1, only L2 or Tier 2, or both L1 & L2

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