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Ecommerce is the sector that has seen the biggest growth in the last 15 years. You need to keep up with that growth and provide a service that is as restless as the internet itself. With our after-hours service for the e-commerce industry, you’re all set.

Technology is forging ahead. Things and processes that would have been impossible to even dream of a few years ago are now absolutely common place. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing daily life, while AI forges ahead in new ways that are unfathomable. Cars drive themselves and a fridge will order milk when it detects that it’s running low.
You’ve made a decision to enter the ring in this volatile and exciting sector. But how can you keep on track with this rapidly evolving world? Through our solutions, you can be sure that there are never any staffing shortages with our customized solutions for after-hours service for the ecommerce industry.

Direct Sales

It might be true that the main sales avenues you’re pursuing are through online marketplaces. But sometimes you still need to offer your customers a number to call and a person to talk to, to push them over that final line of actually purchasing your product. It might sound old-fashioned, but there is a certain sector of the general population (and one that has a lot of buying power at that!) that will always feel more comfortable if buying from a real live human.


And it might not be absolutely clear to all decision makes why it’s so important to have an after-hours sales team or a backup team to cover different time zones, but if you want your ecommerce venture to be a full success and if you want to make your customers feel like you’re going above and beyond… this is where you need to be!


We can offer a wide variety of solutions for after-hours service for e-commerce, ranging from time zone coverage to overnight sales teams ready for any incoming call of questions.
As is always the case, our teas will use your sales systems and invoice and log in the specified structure you provided us with.

Customer Service

Ecommerce is a tricky business. Everything should run automatically… in theory. But sometimes your customers come across an issue that just cannot be solved by a chatbot or a knowledge base or an FAQ website. Sometimes, your customers just need to speak to someone about a problem or issue they encountered with a product they ordered or a financial mishap that happened.


A customer that was billed wrongly and did not find immediate customer support is never going to return to you. Same goes for a customer who received the wrong shipment. The marketplace is just too varied now, they do not need to return to you – there are millions of other options out there for them to try.


This goes especially for smaller e-commerce platforms. Unless you’re Amazon, Google or E-Bay… your customer will have another choice with a similar service available to them.
But this also means that you have to compete with these giants – you have to provide the exact same service as a platform with billions more in funds does. How can you do this when you’re a smaller and less well funded business?


You get someone to take over your after-hours service. And with our specialized solutions for after-hours customer service for the ecommerce industry, we’ve got you covered.


Tech Support

Where there’s a lot of technology, there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. A glitch, a bug, a stuck screen… any and all little technical issues can cost you a sale and potentially even a customer for good. This is why it is of utmost importance for any e-commerce enterprise to invest in solid and well-trained tech support. It is never enough to just have a few self-help articles available. Not when people are about to pay their hard earned money for your products! You need to have people on the line (whether through chat, phone, IM or social channels) at all times, 24/7/365, to answer your customer’s issues and help them with their problems. Only then can you truly be successful!


We operate tech support in both Business to Business as well as Business to Consumer models. As always, we are able to train our staff very quickly, so they are fully aware of any technical difficulties and can handle them efficiently. They are also able to log issues that may be new or arising so you can always stay on top of what’s happening in your marketplace.

Backend Support

Sometimes, it’s not enough to have customer facing support. Sometimes, your vendors, clients, other locations, or salespeople also need someone they can reach out to. This is why we can offer backend support (B2B after-hours support for ecommerce). This will allow any businesses that need to deal with you to have a dedicated partner around the clock so they can be assured to always get their questions and problems addressed in a timely manner.


Escalation systems and ticket logging systems can be set in place to ensure all the information gets put into appropriate channels and reaches the right set of eyes and ears. Scheduling, logistics, shipping and supply chains can be kept in check. And since we trade internationally, we are already aware of what your market needs and we can bring the know-how and expertise to the table that you need to be able to scale up when you want to.

31west offer a wide range of after-hours services for the ecommerce industry. As the internet never sleeps, you should not think of us as just an after-hours service but more like an all around helping hand that is there when you need it the most. We can provide backup teams for your peak periods and busy times, when staffing constraints make it harder for you to find enough people. And your customers will appreciate the service we can provide for them.

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