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Trusted Help Desk Outsourcing Services

With 19 years of experience, the latest in technology, 24/7/365 help desk support service, flexible plans & pricing model, 31West is the preferred IT help desk outsourcing company in the market. We have helped our clients deliver impeccable support to their customers or users & scale fast.

Some of the industries we are actively working with are:

  • ✔ Internet Service Provider
  • ✔ Managed Service Provider
  • ✔ Hardware & IoT
  • ✔ Software & SaaS
  • ✔ Education & Learning
  • ✔ Healthcare
  • ✔ Banking & Finance
  • ✔ Travel & Hospitality
  • ✔ Retail & Ecommerce
  • ✔ Manufacturing

Top Brands We Serve

client united health
client TerraDotta
client MIS computers
client Highwinds
client axelacare
client GE Healthcare
client McDonalds
client black & decker
client VXL technologies
client A T & T
client optum
client hostgenius
client SoftEngine
client crate
client domicile
next client your name

Outsourced IT Help Desk Services


AD & Office 365

Manage complete user life-cycle. Create user profiles in Active Directory. Assign departments, configure permissions & policies. Termination & assignments.


Managed Microsoft 365

Comprehensive support for applications & license management. Grant or revoke permissions, integrate applications & manage security compliances. 24/7 User support.


Help Desk Services

Tier 1 & tier 2 support for Computers, Mobiles, Printers, Routers, etc. From logging tickets to resolving issues, we manage it all, in-sync with your team. We use your existing help desk software.


Managed Service Desk

Assist users by logging a ticket, diagnosing issues & resolving them. Escalate tier-2 & tier-3 issues with diagnostic data. Monitor issues from start to resolution.


Cloud Server Support

Certified professionals for tier 1 & tier 2 support for your Active Directory, Azure, AWS, IBM & Google Cloud instances. Deployment, Scaling, Monitoring, Escalation & NOC functions.


Linux Server Support

24/7 Server monitoring, update OS & modules, apply security patches, restore failed services, setup firewall, security audit & ensure high availability. Web Server, Databases & more.


Network Support (NOC)

We offer business hours, after hours & 24/7 services to your internal users or your customers. We augment your in-house team to deliver high availability & quick resolution.


Software Support

We specialize in tier 1 & tier 2 support for all software applications. We support proprietary & standard applications deployed on the cloud or on-premise.


Hardware Support

We support off-the-shelf & proprietary hardware devices & products. We train our team to deliver best in class tier 1 & tier 2 support. Routers, Modems, Firewalls or IoTs, we cover them all.

Global Service Desk With Omni-Channel Support

  • Tickets
  • Remote
  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Live Chat
  • Notifications

Outsourcing Help Desk As A Service To 31West

Our services enjoy a great reputation & patronage in the IT industry. We take pride in our team’s capabilities and dedication to customers’ success.

  • No Contracts

    No forced contracts. Discontinue with just a 30-day notice.

  • 18 Years of Outstanding Support

    Since 2002, our help desk outsourcing team has helped start-ups to mid-sized businesses across the US, UK & Europe

  • 99% Accuracy Guaranteed

    We guarantee <1% error. Your business is in trusted hands.

  • 100% White Label

    It’s all about your brand. We do the heavy lifting behind the scene.

  • Bring Your Applications

    We’re happy to use your existing applications & tools. No extra charges.

  • True 24/7/365 Customer

    Holidays, vacations, leaves are covered by backup agents free of cost. Now your IT department is truly 24/7.

  • Reduce Helpdesk Support Cost

    Lowest price guarantee! Find a cheaper vendor & we will match the price.

  • Custom Support Plans

    Need a customized business plan to suit your business? Ask & we will make it happen.

  • Free VM & Call Queue

    Our phone system provides Voicemails, IVRs, Call Queueing & Routing. We never miss an incoming call.

  • Free Call Backs Globally

    We return all voicemails & missed calls. We ensure no customer is left unattended.

  • Certified Agents, Customized Training

    All our support agents are engineering graduates with certifications, ready to be trained on your products or services.

  • No Limit on Tickets & Calls

    All our services are backed by UNLIMITED support traffic.

  • Free Quality Audits

    Calls, Emails, Chats are audited for the highest quality standards that your customers deserve.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Monthly reports are emailed free of cost.

  • Multi-Tier Support

    We offer tier 1 & tier 2 support to compliment your team & efficient resource utilization.

  • Assured IT Outcomes

    We assure outcomes to meet your internal quality standards for FCR & TAT.

  • SLA Driven Services

    All our services are governed by industry best practices, SLA Agreement, and backed by a penalty clause.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

    95% of users give us 5-Star rating for resolving their issues on time. Best help desk outsourcing company in the industry.

  • 100% Uptime via Backup Agents

    Backup agents take over during breaks & leaves. We guarantee 100% uptime backed by a penalty clause.

  • Excellent Culture Fit

    We work with users from across the globe & prioritize cultural fit to deliver a seamless customer experience.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing With Flexible Plans

8 hours/day, Mon to Fri
8 hours/day, Mon to Sun
12 hours/day, Mon to Fri
12 hours/day, Mon to Sun
24 hours/day, Mon to Fri
24 hours/day, Mon to Sun
After-Hours Mon to Fri
24 Hours on Sat & Sun

As Your IT Support Provider, We Work With Applications

We understand your team is using ticketing application, incident management & other tools. Create an account for our team on the same application & we’re good to go. Some popular applications we’ve worked with are:

intercom crm logo
Jira Help Desk
Connectwise for MSPs
office 365 logo
google suite logo
Autotask for IT Hel pdesk
github issue management logo
Service Channel
SolarWinds Service Desk
slack chat logo
servicemax asset 360
Zoho Help desk
ServiceNow service desk help desk
salesforce helpdesk crm

What Our Client's Say

Alex McIver
Alex McIver
F&B Manager / Sunse****

Fantastic Work

You people have been doing fantastic work for me. The best I like is your phone logs on my BB. I am always there to speak for you.

Azita Mirin
Azita Mirin
Director of Services / New Mexico Psy***

Best Customer Support

I hold 31WEST in the highest regard as far as customer support goes. Your daily assistance with the high volume of our phone ....

George Burke
George Burke
Managing Director / Ace Networks ***

Highly Reliable

Excellent services. Highly reliable & complete value for money. Its been over 16 months and I do not see any reason to look elsewhere.

Sagi Stunis
Sagi Stunis
Director - Marketing / Logi*** Corp.

Awesome Service

I am extremely pleased with 31west’s services. Your agents were very quick in learning our product and customer service policy.

M. Burnett
President / AutoB*** Inc

Hassle Free Services

We have been using 31West to handle technical support since the beginning of 2009 and are quite pleased with the consistency ...  

Director of Contact Center / 6D Solutions Corp.

Extremely Accommodating

We have worked with 31 West for over 4 years now. The team continues to outdo themselves year after year. We find you guys ...

Outsourcing Help Desk Support with Guaranteed SLA

All our services are backed by an SLA to meet your internal quality standards and client contracts.

  • Under 5 Rings
    Phone Response Time
  • Under 15 Mins
    Email Response Time
  • Under 60 Secs
    Chat Response Time
  • Under 5 Mins
    Notification Response Time

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Outsourced IT Support?

Outsourced IT support is a business engagement wherein an expert external agency or vendor is contracted to manage a company’s internal IT help desk or tech support. Outsourcing IT support is a strategic decision taken to improve efficiency & reduce cost. The external vendor brings domain knowledge, mature processes, industry best practices & a redundant setup. This leads to shorter TAT & reduces loss of productive time.

A few popular functions outsourced under IT support are as follows.

  • ✓ IT infrastructure
  • ✓ Cybersecurity
  • ✓ Network monitoring
  • ✓ Cloud migration
  • ✓ Disaster recovery, and more.

2. Why Outsource IT Help Desk Support Services?

There are many reasons why large corporations to small & mid-sized businesses outsource help desk. Here is a list of a few common reasons:

  • ✓ Reduce operational cost
  • ✓ Improve response time (TAT)
  • ✓ Reduce support volume
  • ✓ Support existing expertise
  • ✓ Flexibility & agility
  • ✓ Improved SLA Compliance

3. What are the benefits of Outsourcing Managed Help Desk Services?

Here is a list of the benefits of outsourcing your MSP help desk to a skilled and reputed vendor:

  • ✓ 24/7 Coverage
  • ✓ Professional expertise and reliability
  • ✓ Savings and predictable budgeting
  • ✓ Reduced vulnerabilities, risks & downtime
  • ✓ Significant reduction of management headaches
  • ✓ Increased focus on revenue-generating functions

4. What to expect from your IT help desk or ITIL service desk partner?

A successful engagement will offer the following benefits to your business.

  • ✓ Cost reduction for the IT department
  • ✓ Wider service coverage without the overheads
  • ✓ Fewer people management issues
  • ✓ Redundancy and higher service uptime
  • ✓ Better quality of service
  • ✓ More free time to focus on your products & growth

5. How to select an outsourcing provider for IT Help Desk for small business?

The process of searching for and evaluating a help desk outsourcing services company is time-consuming & overwhelming. Having said that, remember, a good vendor can bring tremendous value to your business and a bad one can take you south quickly.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

  • ✓ Prepare a list of requirements (Scope of Work).
  • ✓ Circulate the document internally & finalize the SOW.
  • ✓ Prepare a list of potential vendors via Google search & references.
    Pro-tip: Restrict to 1st page search results
  • ✓ Setup 1st round of telephonic discussion with potential vendors
  • ✓ Shortlist vendors based on your conversation
    Pro tip: Focus on capabilities, experience, client list.
  • ✓ Share the SoW and request for quotation from shortlisted vendors
  • ✓ Based on the quotation & agreed SoW, further, shortlist vendors.
    Pro-tip: Stay away from very high & very low bidders
  • ✓ Initiate another round of conversation with vendors
    Pro Tip: Discuss training, transition, delivery, quality & reporting.
  • ✓ Finalize the vendor you best resonate with.
    Pro tip: Listen to your intuition, it never fails!

6. How to implement Help Desk outsourcing?

After you have shortlisted the right vendor, you must plan the implementation or transition. This is an important process and needs due attention and good planning. Here are some of the key steps, in sequential order, to help you successfully migrate your support to the new vendor.

  • ✓ Step 1: Discuss your goals, challenges & expectations with the vendor. It’s important to set the expectations right from the beginning.
    Pro tip: Stay away from vanity metrics you read on the internet. Every business is different. Focus on what matters for your customers.
  • ✓ Step 2: Set achievable & meaningful KPIs & KRAs in discussions with the service desk provider.
  • ✓ Step 3: Prepare training material – classify your knowledge base, FAQ, Manuals into categories for ease of understanding.
  • ✓ Step 4: Share the training material with your service desk support partner & set up a meeting to go over the content.
  • ✓ Step 5: Prepare and share escalation metrics to ensure the service desk partner knows whom to reach out to in case of queries.
    Pro tip: Introduce your service desk partner to your team members. It’s an important step for stronger team bonding.
  • ✓ Step 6: Post-training, start with a soft launch. Allow your vendor to start responding to simpler queries.
  • ✓ Step 7: Gradually hand-over all queries and off-board your team.
    Pro tip: Appreciate the good work your service desk team is doing. It goes a long way!