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With the latest in technology and extensive training, our staff is equipped to deliver consistent, reliable IT Help Desk Outsourcing & Incident Management to enhance your team’s capabilities.


Each of our technical specialists is trained and certified in a wide range of hardware and software solutions. Our services are customized to meet your needs and to flexibly scale with your changing business.

Help Desk Services for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Outsourced IT Help DeskMost small businesses follow an agile organization model: small teams that fulfill multiple roles across verticals. As your business grows, so does the support volume. Soon you see the need for timely customer assistance, oftentimes beyond what a multi-tasking internal team can provide. Considering the high cost of hiring, training & managing a robust in-house team, a growing number of technology companies are deciding to opt for an outsourced team. Not only does this bring in operational efficiency, but allows for additional benefits like quick ramp-up, better quality control, and keeping up with technology; not to mention the cost-saving.

31West has more than 18 years of experience, modern infrastructure, and an aggressive pricing model. We are working with companies ranging from MSPs, IT Hardware companies, IT Software companies, Retailer & Ecommerce companies, Finance companies, Travel & Hospitality majors, and other specialized businesses. We also assist ISP’s and ASP’s, and manage technical infrastructures such as VPNs, Servers, Cloud etc. We are the preferred outsourced IT help desk company with a 24/7 delivery center.

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Help Desk Service Channels

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails & Tickets
  • Live Chat
  • NOC Management
  • Incident Management

Flexible Support Coverage

We offer flexible service plans to suit your business. Let us know what you need & we’ll make it happen.

Bring Your Preferred Help Desk Applications

We understand your team is using a help desk ticketing application or incident management tool. Create an account for our team on the same application & we’ll be happy to use it. This way all customer data remains on a single platform and assignment of tickets is seamless. Some popular applications are:

Autotask for IT Hel pdesk
Connectwise for MSPs
Jira Help Desk
Zoho Help desk

Flexible Help Desk Management

Over the last 18 years, we’ve worked with a number of companies looking for IT outsourcing, each with a different way of servicing their clients & users. Our flexible approach provided exactly what these companies were looking for. Each company came to us with questions very specific to their engagement. Our custom outsourced solution worked well for each one of them. We also have an after-hours IT support team to take care of your issues reported overnight and during the weekend.

We will work with you and your team to create a solution that best benefits your company and your clients or users. We will help you deliver faster TAT, higher FCR, and SLA compliance.

After-Hours Call Center Services with Guaranteed SLA

  • Under 5 Rings
    Phone Response Time
  • Under 15 Mins
    Email Response Time
  • Under 60 Secs
    Chat Response Time
  • Under 5 Mins
    Notification Response Time

Examples of our IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services

  • IT Help Desk Services
  • Incident Management Services
  • Tier-1 Support
  • Level -1 Application Support
  • ✓ Installation, Setup and Upgrades
  • Server Monitoring & Management
  • NOC Monitoring & Escalation

Key Benefits of our IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services

  • ✓ 24/7 Availability:
    Our delivery center operates 24/7/365. You are free to design a custom plan for your business. Select the service start time, service end time, and days of the week.
  • ✓ Metrics Driven Services – TAT, FCR, NPS:
    We are driven by metrics. All our services are backed by industry-standard TAT, FCR & desirable NPS score.
  • ✓ No Contracts:
    We do not believe in enforcing contracts. All our services are billed on monthly basis. You are free to scale up, scale down, or terminate services with a 30 days notice.

Key Features of our IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services

  • ✓ Reduced Overhead
  • ✓ Quick ramp-up
  • ✓ 24/7 Response Team
  • ✓ Reduce expense
  • ✓ Improved Efficiency
  • ✓ Experienced & Qualified Personnel
  • ✓ Access to the latest in technology
  • ✓ Custom Reporting

Our IT outsourcing team includes engineering graduates with necessary certifications and experience. We pride ourselves on resolving most issues at first contact, which ensures customer satisfaction while reducing overhead costs.

Are you looking for dependable & professional outsourcing customer service vendor for your customers? Look no further, contact us with your requirements for a free quote or contact us via the form below.