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To ensure seamless and error-free delivery of services spread over different time zones, different shifts, and multiple people, it is important for us to follow a well defined and proven call center agent training program.

Training Program

Call Center Agent Training

This is specific to client engagement and the particular processes being transitioned or outsourced to 31West. Detailed documentation on the products and processes are handed out to each agent before the start of the training program. During the training program, every agent is made aware of client’s business processes and expected deliverables. Detailed discussions are held within the group to identify different ways of enhancing customer experience. The overall thrust is on offering excellent quality of services, which must lead to increase in top lines.

Every customer support executive goes through a rigorous training program before they start providing support services. There are five main elements to the training process.


  • ✓ Values and vision of the company
  • ✓ Objectives, roles & responsibilities
  • ✓ Principles of human behavior

Customer Service Training

  • ✓ Importance of customer service
  • ✓ Importance of service quality
  • ✓ Telephone, Email & Chat etiquette
  • ✓ Exceptional customer care and building customer loyalty
  • ✓ Handling customer complaints & irate callers

Accent & Cultural Training

  • ✓ Understand international accents
  • ✓ Understand cultural issues when dealing with global customers

Client Specific Training

  • ✓ Client’s industry overview
  • ✓ Understanding client’s products or services
  • ✓ Goals and key performance metrics
  • ✓ Understand key SOPs
  • ✓ Implement an operations improvement initiative.

Personal Action Plan

  • ✓ Working effectively and efficiently in teams.
  • ✓ SWOT Analysis


For call center agent training, we follow Train The Trainer methodology for efficient & fast transitioning of processes. Under this program, your team will train one person from our team (Process Manager). Our Process Managers will in turn train our group of Primary & Backup agents. This approach will help disengage your team from recurring training while ramping up.

Send us your training manuals, FAQs, previous customer communications etc to help us get started. We will follow this up with a series of discussions over email & conference calls.

Once the Process Manager is trained, the training material is redesigned and adapted for call center agent training. Our training process is mature with a well-defined objective of accelerated & accurate training of our support team.

Upon completion of training, agents go through a series of steps to minimize possibilities for errors.

  • ✓ Tests
  • ✓ Mock interactions
  • ✓ Group discussions
  • ✓ Soft launch
  • ✓ Go-Live

Agent Training can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the subject.