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We understand the needs of healthcare providers to remain always available to their customers & users 24/7/365. That is why our Healthcare Help Desk Support never fails to keep you on top of your game.

Nothing is as unpredictable as health issues, they can spring up like a thunderbolt when least expected. This is why it is critical to remain available and alert at all times of the day to the needs of your patients. Even as much as prepared and available as you may think you are, occasional and unexpected system failures or missed calls may lead to unexpected trouble. A few minutes of failure can cause a lot of customer relationship headaches.

We are specialists in coordinating and managing the after-hours, business hours and 24/7 care services making sure you keep all your existing customers happy while driving in new ones. This takes off the burden of overstretching your staff, and more so at a little cost. We have partnered with big names in the Medical Industry and provide them reliable, easily implementable, and scalable Healthcare Help Desk Services.

We are best known for uncompromised quality services engineered by years of proven experience and tailored towards providing excellent Healthcare Support Services. Our meticulous medical support operations have helped us to keep our existing clients happy over the years. We have demonstrated good knowledge and expertise in rendering effective customer care, back office, and other support functions.


When you outsource your IT support to 31West, which is one of the best IT help desk providers, you have the advantage of cutting down your staff overhead.

Healthcare Billing and Payment System - Efficiently Managed by 31West

The reality on the ground, in this hi-tech age, is that every healthcare provider should move away from the traditional modes of payment methods and embrace the system that runs on the latest technology and backed by the latest help desk management software. This will enhance superior service delivery and provide patients with multiple options, it will even help save turnaround times, reduce staff overhead and overall operational costs.


By outsourcing the management of healthcare billing to 31West, the healthcare providers can focus on their primary task of taking care of their patients. We offer the best solutions to manage and monitor all your Healthcare Billings with our years of expertise. It will allow you to bring in the latest tech to your organization at regular intervals.

31West Provides Solutions that Lead to Operational Efficiency

Our experts are versatile with all operating systems including the Healthcare Billing and Payment Systems. We have the capacity to standardize inbound payments and all remittance files, and subsequent matching the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) perfectly with the right Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).


Our system helps you to eliminate the cumbersome handling of bulky papers and storage issues. Because of our clear knowledge of operations of the healthcare billing and payment systems, we allow the processing of payments within a minimum time giving way for ease of dispute resolutions if any arises. Also, the 31West team makes accessibility to archived Explanation of Benefits (EOB) images possible and data recapturing easy. This allows your Healthcare Company to have clearer pictures of all financial transactions at any given time.


We make all healthcare billing processes easy and stress-free by reducing administrative loads so that health care providers can improve their Operational Efficiency and focus on more critical tasks. When data of patients can easily be accessed on a ‘when and as needed basis’, operation costs and time is minimized. Also, we adhere to multiple global standards which give us an edge and make our solutions truly global.

Great Working Engineers at Your Service

31West’s Healthcare Support Consultants are constantly researching, brainstorming, collating, and analyzing data and other functional information to make our clients relevant and remain at the top of their industry. This is why our team is always proactive in their operations to provide constant ‘advanced advisory services to our clients. Our experts operate holistic and unconventional modern tools to be able to provide unmatched Healthcare Help Desk Support System.

We Provide 24/7/365 Services

Our healthcare support services are active 24/7/365. We understand the fact that your patients may need any form of medical assistance at any time, so your system too must be active. This is why we stand in the gap for all the Healthcare providers that have outsourced their services to us. Since your patients want to talk to ‘a human voice’ not machines to ease their worries and stress, our professionals are there to offer their compassionate, empathetic voice needed by your patients on your behalf. Our helpdesk ticketing solution & system is awake 24/7/365 to offer responsive services so that you can enjoy your sleep.

Push Your Competitors Away

Your competitors, other healthcare providers are ready to deplete your clients’ volume to foster their own business. 31West helps to push your competitors at bay with prompt, reliable, dependable, and 24/7 Holistic Support Service. Prompt response to emergency calls enlivens your clients and improves loyalty. This promotes and protects Customer Relationship resulting in a steady inflow of new clients, based on feedback they received from your existing customers. This system keeps your competitors at bay and helps your Healthcare Business scale to newer heights.

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