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At 31West, we have built a high reputation in the areas of reliable support services to the retail industry of all kinds, online or offline, B2B, B2C, C2C, or any other kind of Retail operation. At 31West we have the expertise in providing a performance-oriented solution to all.


In these days of hi-technology and freely flowing information, retail business has long-jumped the traditional methods by taking comfortable solace in modern and reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions. The Retail business sector has entered into a phase where competition is fierce, each player vying for a greater market share. Every serious retailing company is building sound online consumer patronage and loyalty to match the ever-changing purchase pattern of end consumers and shoppers. This needs high concentration which needs to be separated from vital mission tasks of the company.

This is why 31West has come to bridge this gap by providing the critical support needed by Retail Companies to effectively reach and remain in the mainstream. We remain on top of the echelon of retail-BPO support providers because of our in-depth knowledge and commitment to secure our clients’ relevance in the retail business. Outsourcing to us allows our clients to concentrate on capacity building while we ensure that we deliver the expected results on their behalf.

Over the years we have successfully represented the interest of many companies in all categories and streams of retail businesses. Our tentacles are spread widely to cover such areas that include consumer product companies, retailers, loyalty program firms, supermarkets, hypermarkets, retailers, internet, and e-commerce retailers, general merchandise, department stores, warehouse retailers, discount retailers, chain stores, merchandise stores, specialty stores, and other areas of products and services retailing.

Our BPO support team realized that customers tended to drift more to and buy their desired products from those companies that are constantly available across several online channels. Additionally, our team of experts understands that consumers remain loyal to products and services of those retailers who are reachable across various channels.

Customer Support Services – When and How You Want It

31West understands the urgency of your inquiries and the timeframe of response you desire, that is why our help desk team is available 24/7/365. Even when your services are down, ours’ is active all the way to record your customers’ order placement and payment. Our help desk facilities offer multi-channel communication thus enabling you to cater to everyone independent of their age or geographic location. Perfect representation of your brand is our goal.

Because we engage our cloud-based help desk software, we have the advantages of representing your interest not in a single channel but in multi-channels that your customers prefer. We manage the incoming and outgoing voice calls, emails, live chat, and social media interactions.

Customer Care Services

We know the importance of a customer’s interest in your company’s products and services; hence, we strive to focus on this trend through our extensive experience & domain knowledge. We support your brand with the best available tools to drive customer engagement. Using our best practices play-book for superior customer experience, we get you unparalleled results. Our support team handles every customer need by giving your products information, guiding them through the order process, credit card analysis, and return status, and billing support.

We can handle all your programs or the overflowing support or take care of all the after-hours inbound and outbound demands. Because we understand every detail about your products/services, our support team can perfectly deliver more than the necessity.

Sales Drive

Since our focus and target is to increase the greater drive for your product, our help desk team can manage the cross-selling and up-selling of your products through our inbound team. We keep and manage every sale and booking.

Exploring Customer Experiences by Voice, Web Chat, Email & Social Media

31WEST helps your customers to connect effortlessly with your business as they may wish to give feedback, or demand help regarding a product or service; or when they want to share their experience of your product or service with others. We enable your customers to easily connect through multiple channels.

We have capable agents with skills to handle Customer Relationship for your brand with every bit of professionalism & personalization, be it on phone, web chat, email, social media, or any other communication medium preferred by your customer.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

The result of our surveys involving many online participants across multi-channels show consumers of goods and services prefer talking to a ‘person’ rather than answering machines or BOTs whenever help is needed. Our well-trained customer care experts offer immediate ‘voice help’ with a sense of empathy to your customers.

Outsourcing your call center requirements to us gives your brand ‘round-the-clock’ attention needed during work hours or after-hours. Inbound calls require the touch of a real professional for immediate customer care while the outbound calls experts handle the sales, invitations, collections, and follow-ups.

Live Web Chat

Our customer support system across multi-channel platform includes ‘Live Chat’. The chat systems have been found by our customer care support team to be perfect for your brand. Webchat has been used by our agents for enhanced interaction to help and educate customers on your website.

Our team of customer care support executives can assist your customers with the order procedures, credit card issues, and any other issue that needs to be resolved. Live Web Chat is convenient for some customers who want to have instant and easy help or solution concerning your Retail brand. This provides them with the desired level of customer satisfaction.

Whether you are just starting up, scaling up, or if you want your Retail Business to maintain an edge in the ever competitive market, we at 31West can be by your side, always.

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