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When it comes to customer support metrics or quality initiatives, first-call resolution (FCR) stands out because it reaches out to so many important aspects of customer service and support experience customer satisfaction, service efficiency, and operating costs. When achieved consistently, high FCR rates have a positive impact on each of these areas and deliver a high yield of significant overall benefits.

call center quality initiatives We understand the correlation between First-Contact-Resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction, when one goes up – the other has to follow. Statistics suggest, for every 1% improvement in FCR, there is a 1% of an improvement in customer satisfaction. Also, 12% of customers tend leave if it takes more than 2 attempts to resolve their issue. At the same time, an improved FCR helps in reducing call volumes hence a better level of service is always achieved. We achieve this through our experienced service management team, who are responsible for service implementation, quality management, technical implementation, training, and service reporting and process and procedures analysis.

Our operations are highly distinctive on following dimensions to achieve a higher FCR Rate.

Best Talent

Agents with right skillsets are hired as per the nature of work. This is to ensure that we bring the right talent into them to help resolve our client’s business problems; we have adopted several recruitment techniques that enables us to match the potential of the candidate’s profile with the requirements of the role being fulfilled.

Learning and Development

Our training team gives employees the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills based on their roles and career aspirations. They provide training and development interventions along multiple dimensions including functional, process-related, and softer people management skills. We have an in-house curriculum designed, which are fairly unique and has enabled us to mentor better designer learning programs for our teams.

Program Management

Depending on your needs, the programs & quality initiatives are structured and implemented using our highly sophisticated proven tools and methods to ensure that the highest level of customer experience is delivered and achieved. Our internal case management system application is one of our great strengths to help us drive First Call Resolution and a Higher Resolution Rate. Support agents are provided with leadership and Level 2 support at a ratio of 1:10 to ensure that a resolution is provided instantly. We have a separate escalation desk to handle escalations when a level 1 agent cannot find a first time resolution on a call.

Quality Management

Quality initiatives by our quality team ensures we meet the highest standards of client service. These roles are integrated with operations and are responsible for rigorous monitoring with accuracy, turnaround time and other key metrics are also implemented.
They provide feedback to the operations and identify opportunities for improvement using several quality tools from tried and tested standards like Six Sigma and LEAN among others. As a result, we have successfully increased productivity in the range of 30-60%.

Weekly Call calibration sessions are held with the agents where the agents closely work with the quality analyst to understand the required quality parameters.