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We have answered some commonly asked questions. We are available 24/7 to answer any specific questions you may have.

How do we train your agents?

We follow simple & effective Train-The-Trainer approach.
We start with learning about your products and services online. Along with this, we will study the training manuals provided by you. Our Floor Managers will study the training material and contact you with questions. The Floor Managers will then initiate training the agent.
Please visit our Agent Training page for more details.

What is the contract period?

The minimum contract period is 1 Month.
Notice period for discontinuation: 1 month.

Can your agents use our business applications?

Yes, our agents can use any web based business application you may have.
You need to provide us with access details.
We do not charge extra for this.

Do you work in our time zone?

Our delivery center operates 24x7x365. We cover all time zones.

What languages do you support?

Currently, our services are available in the English language only.

Where is your contact center located?

Our contact center is located in India’s silicon valley; Bangalore.

Can your agents use our systems (Live Chat / Ticketing System / other software)?

Yes. Our team can use all application you may have.
We need web based access to your system.
We can quickly learn any proprietary application or system which you may have.

How do you manage Data Security (Credit Card, Contact information etc)?

We have implemented strict security measures to ensure sensitive information like credit card details, social security numbers, customer contact information etc are never compromised.
Our agents do not have access to login credentials of your systems.
Our systems are protected with firewalls, VPNs, CCTV cameras and strong physical security.
We are ready to signing NDA (subject to approval from our legal team).
Rest assured, your business is safe with us!

How will our phone calls reach your agents?

We will provide you a VoIP based local phone number of your area (free with 2 concurrent channels).
Additional channels: $30 /channel /month.
You need to forward your incoming calls to this local number.
Your calls will reach our Contact Center without any long distance charges.

Will the agents greet callers with our company name?

Yes. The agents will greet the callers with the script you provide.

Do your agents have heavy accent?

None of our agents have heavy or regional accent.
All our agents speak with neutral accent (no accent) which is easily understood by everyone.

Can we get a Toll Free number?

Currently, we do not provide toll free numbers.
We will be glad to connect you with some reliable vendors.

Can you use our existing VoIP number?

For better manageability, we prefer to use the number provided by us.
Our systems are pre-tested & approved with our existing providers.

Can we publish the phone number provided by you?

We advice you not to publish the phone number provided by us.
We may need to change our phone company if their quality or service levels are unsatisfactory.

What happens if the phone line is busy?

When agents are busy, calls will be placed in call queue playing generic hold music.
When number of concurrent callers exceed available channels, the callers will hear a busy tone.
During off-hours, calls are directed to our voice mail system. Agents respond to voicemails as per terms of agreement.

What are your Hold-Times?

Hold time depends on multiple factors like average talk time per call, hourly call distribution, number of agents deployed, calling scripts, busy hours etc.
Hold times < 15 sec is recommended industry standard.
Our Managers & supervisors closely monitor your services & work towards keeping hold times to the minimum.

What kind of reports do you offer?

After every call, the agent will email you call synopsis via our web based Call Log portal.
We provide monthly call reports with various metrics.
If you require any specific reports, please feel free to ask.

How do we pay you?

We accept payments via Bank Wire Transfer only.

What are your payment terms?

We work on Monthly Advance payment.
No deposits required.

How soon can the services go live?

It takes 1-2 weeks for agent allocation, agent training & going live.

I would like to outsource, but never done it before. I am apprehensive.

We fully understand your apprehensions and concerns.
We encourage dialogue.
Discuss your concerns, challenges, strengths & weaknesses with our Sales Team.
Our Sales team will be happy to address your concerns, explain all aspects of our proposed engagement, including advantages/disadvantages specific to your business. Learn about some of our popular services like mobile apps support.

Outsourcing is no magic! It’s an engagement to leverage strengths with a common goal of growth.

I am ready to start. What next? How do I proceed?

Please read our Getting Started article which covers this in simple steps.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Still can't find an answer to your question? Our sales team is here to help.