Top 10 Help Desk Management Software For 2024

top 10 help desk software in 2021

Be it a big or small enterprise, help desk management software is a must for every company today.

While hundreds and thousands of customers come up with their queries every day you may get exhausted going through all emails, social media messages, customer support, and whatnot!

Let’s understand with an example how help desk software can help you in your business growth.

John, an owner of a refrigerator company, helps customers with his service to fix all kinds of refrigerators. While he had the best technicians available, he was unable to reply to his customers instantly. While talking to his employers about this issue one of them suggested getting help desk software so that it can solve the problems quickly.

Are you facing a problem like John’s? Perhaps your business is getting hampered because you are not able to reply to your customers as they are coming from different platforms!

Well, no worries! This article will help you know what is help desk management software? Its features and the software that is appropriate for your business!

While you need to focus on your products and services, you need to make sure that you are focusing on ticket management, integration, allocations, tracking, reporting, etc.

This is where you need help desk software to manage and help you execute your plan properly.

We must always remember that a customer wants outstanding customer service. A customer service that communicates with a customer instantly makes a customer happier and in turn, helps in the business growth altogether.

In asset management and IT management services, help desk software tools maintain a healthy connection with the customers by resolving their issues. It enables tracking and keeping a record of the customer queries online.

Besides, it also provides security to your management system. It is cost-effective and saves time.

Why is it Important to Have a Good Software to Manage Help Desk Services?

It is of utmost importance to provide customers with the best experience. This is where the help desk software comes up.

It assists in generating the information of your KPIs like response time, management of clients, ticket management, and recurring issues.

Choosing the correct help desk software benefits both employers and customers. It increases sales by as much as 15% and improves customer contentment by 20%.

The software applications save data and in turn, restore up to 670 working hours every year and decrease the usage of phone calls by 10%.

Nearly 68% of the consumers prefer better consumer service. A survey shows that customers favor phone calls, messaging, emails, social media, and live chats for their requirements.

10 Key Features Help Desk Software Must Have for Growth & Efficiency


Features like email support, intuitive interface helps customer service deal with clients and customers easily. These are the primary resources a help desk should have to work in a smooth, carefree environment.

  1. Intuitive Interface:
    If you want a good delivery support system, you need good tools for managing your consumers.

    Before using any tool we must check if-

    • ✓ The intuitive interface is easy to use.
    • ✓ How much time does it take to load and modify?
    • ✓ Is it appropriate for your organization?

    Before deciding on a help desk you can always try a free or demo version and select the best software appropriate for your employers and customers.

  2. Customization:
    Customization is the most important feature in a help desk system. A software with a proper dashboard, report, live chat, self-service, tickets will increase the support of your system faster.

  3. Security:
    As you collect information from your customers it is also important to protect them from the third party. Therefore, security is essential as it helps to build the trust of your customers.

    A help desk must have a good security system which-.

    • ✓ Encourage the user to put a strengthy password using at least 8 characters.
    • ✓ Have two-factor authentication restricting unauthorized access.

    Based on the data collected and the location of your company, you may need a help desk with HIPAA complaints or GDPR requirements.

  4. Scalability:
    Scalability is important for your company’s growth, support volume in the upcoming years. A help desk with good workflows and API access reduces the tasks recurring over and over again as the support volume grows. The tool that provides cost-effective plans and upgrades the system from time to time automatically helps your enterprise to grow.

  5. Service level agreements (SLA):
    A help desk should have service level agreements. The features determine the quality of the service, members’ responsibility, and so on. A help desk with an SLA service helps to prevent SLA violations.

  6. Ticket Volume:
    Ticket volume tells a lot about a customer’s experience. It helps to determine the issue the customer faces or what kind of products or services they like. Getting too many ticket volumes implies that something needs to fix right away. HD tools can evaluate the tickets for a better customer experience.

  7. Self-service option:
    The self-service option helps a customer to solve the queries all by themselves. Nearly 40% of customers prefer the self-service option today. Tools that deliver self-service options like FAQ  solves a problem instantly.

  8. Automation:
    This feature fixes the issues urgently when a customer complains about an issue. It quickly sends messages to the team members to resolve any problems.

  9. Notification Alerts:
    A help desk with notification alerts notifies the updates and changes made to customers and the end-users. It is necessary for both the employees and the customers.

  10. Report generation:
    The tools which help to keep a record of the improvements, setbacks, customer query helps a business grow faster. It helps to monitor the profit that a company makes.

Now that we know the important features of help desk software. Let’s take a look at the software that is user-friendly, budget-friendly, and appropriate for your customers and management team.

Top 10 Best Management Help Desk Software

    1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service:

      Microsoft Dynamics Help Desk Software
      Image Source: Vimeo

      Microsoft Dynamics 365, with its CRM and ERM application system, shares data, and business processes to the entire management. It is a helpful tool for companies as it connects its people, wholesalers, suppliers, and customers easily.


        1. With its AI and ML-driven apps, it comes up with an effective sales and marketing strategy.
        2. Due to its automation feature, it initiates lead tracking, automatically processes sales, brings the information of agents
        3. Dynamics 365 Marketing and 365 Customers help in personalized buyer experiences and in turn, help the marketing team.
        4. Dynamics 365 assists in fields like operations and finances, human resources, remote working.
        5. It provides cybersecurity for E-Commerce.
        6. Dynamics 365 cloud-based ERP system helps to save and restore data in one place.
        7. Microsoft Dynamics 365 runs on Android, iOS, and Windows phones.
        8. All the data can be stored without an internet connection.
        9. Dynamics works easily with other Microsoft applications, OneNote, Outlook, Lync, Sharepoint
        10. Helps create a better strategy to bring out the best in a company.

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 plans start from $30 to $750 per month.
      Plan for Microsoft 365 Dynamics according to different businesses.
      For starters, Microsoft Dynamics offers a 30-day free trial.


          • ✓ Cost-effective.
          • ✓ Easily customizable.
          • ✓ Perfect for collaboration.
          • ✓ UI is plain and simple.
          • ✓ Helps in customer retention


        • ✘ Entering data becomes difficult for beginners.
        • ✘The customizations make it harder to handle users and permissions
    2. Zendesk:

      Zendesk Help Desk Software
      Image Source:

      Zendesk is a help desk software appropriate for customer service. It integrates all the queries of the customers through chat, emails, social media in one place. Zendesk is an effective tool that provides customers with a better experience. It helps to make the bond between a customer and a client stronger.


        1. Flexible ticketing management.
        2. Improves customer service.
        3. Provides self-service.
        4. Supports mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad.
        5. It has public and private forums with an open API.

      The plan varies from $5- $199 every month.
      Zendesk Live Chat is free.
      Zendesk offers a 1-month free trial program.


          • ✓ Perfect for startups.
          • ✓ Provides thorough customer surveys and reporting.
          • ✓ Helps in ROI by fixing customer problems.


        • ✘ It takes time to get accustomed to Zendesk.
        • ✘ Expensive if you need all the features of Zendesk.
    3. Jitbit:

      Jitbit Help Desk Software
      Image Source:

      With a robust REST API capability, this help desk software is primarily built for Emails. Jitbit can integrate with third-party applications. It is a mobile help desk that helps agents to work quickly. Jitbit enables you to interact with various customers at lightning speed.


        1. Helps in ticket management, live chat, live chat recording, and file management.
        2.  It has a powerful security system backed by SSL encryption that safeguards the server disc.
        3. User-friendly and contains a knowledge base tool.
        4. The UI is simple and clear.
        5. Operable in SaaS and on-premise solutions.

      The  plan of Jitbit starts from $29 to $4999 per month.
      Jitbit offers a free trial for 1-month.


          • ✓ This help desk software is best for freelancers, startups, large enterprises.
          • ✓ Simple and user-friendly.
          • ✓ Best for customer service.


        • ✘ Expensive
    4. Hubspot Service Hub:

      Hubspot Service Hub Help Desk Software
      Image Source:

      Hubspot Service Hub with its other tools helps to engage and grow your customers exponentially. With Hubspot CRM tools marketing and sales become easy. The primary motive of this help desk software is to make the customers happy. It focuses on customers’ behavior and helps in retaining customers.


        1. Focuses on customer feedback.
        2. Studies customers and suggests what steps we should take to make the business grow.
        3. Helps in ticket management, live chats, email management.
        4. Perfect for both small and big businesses.
        5. Hubspot also integrates with other applications.

      Hubspot Service Hub plan starts from $50 to $1200 per month.
      This help desk software tool offers a 14-day free trial to its users.


          • ✓ Easy to use.
          • ✓ Set up everything quickly.
          • ✓ Value for money.


        • ✘ The ticketing system lacks new features compared to other help desk software.
    5. Freshservice:

      Freshdesk Help desk software
      Image Source:

      Easy to configure, and user- friendly Freshservice is perfect for IT. This software helps the IT industry to grow fast quickly. Both customers and employers are fond of Freshservice for its automated internal process and SLA.


        1. Intelligent automation helps to increase productivity.
        2. Helps agents to work on ticket management.
        3. Freshdesk is available in 30 countries with different languages.
        4. With gamification, it helps employers deal with heavy tasks.
        5. Has customized SLA.

      The plan of Fresh Desk starts from $19 to $125.
      You can use Sprout for free in Freshdesk.
      A free trial version is available for 21-day.


          • ✓ Perfect for small and big businesses as it focuses on customer support.
          • ✓ Globally renowned as it is available in different countries and languages.
          • ✓ You can easily change colors, logos, and even write HTML with Freshdesk.


        • ✘ There are no real cons but there is room for improvement in gamification.
    6. LiveAgent:

      LiveAgent help desk software
      Image Source:

      This help desk software is best for small businesses. It directly transfers the live chats, email, social media messages, and other queries of the customers to mails after business hours. All the queries come in one place that makes the work simple.


        1. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is easy to handle with this software as it supports multichannel.
        2. 24/7 helps customers and employers to solve problems.
        3. It is a powerful social media tool and helps to build a good social media presence.

      The  plan starts from $15 to 39 per month.
      Live agent offers a 14- day free trial for the first time.


          • ✓ Easy to use.
          • ✓ Solves customers’ queries instantly.
          • ✓ Helps to transfer tickets and gives the agents feedback on their performance.


        • ✘ The spam filter does not work properly.
    7. Jira Service Desk:

      Jira Help Desk Software
      Image Source:

      Jira Service Desk helps customers by providing the details required to fix any problem. Jira one of the useful software in the work helps in tracking, managing tickets, and delivers SLA to quickly execute the work.


        1. Available in Android and iOS systems.
        2. Cloud-based management system.
        3. Works with small and big enterprises.


      The  plan of the Jira Service Desk is $13200/ year.
      The cloud is free in Jira Service Desk.
      A free trial of 7- days is available.


          • ✓ Jira help desk’s UI is brilliant.
          • ✓ Manages big projects.
          • ✓ Offers flexibility.


        • ✘ The configuration is complicated.
    8. Zoho Desk:

      Image Source:

      Zoho desk is a robust software that increases the productivity of agents. Its AI assistant rapidly solves customer queries and assists employers.


        1. Robust ticketing system.
        2. Call center software.
        3. Increases the productivity of the agents.
        4. Knowledge Base


      Zoho desk is a help desk software that provides tools for free.
      It also charges for other features. The plan starts from $18 to $45 per month.


          • ✓ Easy to use.
          • ✓ Cost-effective.
          • ✓ Perfect for big project management.


        • ✘ If you are a beginner you need the training to get accustomed to the software.

      help desk tool Monday
      Image Source: is the best tool for managing tasks. It helps in ticket management and efficiently saves time.


        1. Schedules the plan properly.
        2. Ensures a good security system.
        3. Helps to manage the employers.

      The plan starts from $39 to $79 per month.
      A trial version is available.


            • ✓ is user-friendly.
            • ✓ The configuration is easy.
            • ✓ Can be set up without any prior training.


          • ✘ Not appropriate for managing big or complex projects
    10. HappyFox:

      HappyFox help desk tool
      Image Source:

      This cloud-based management system resolves customer issues quickly. HappyFox engages in managing tickets and manages customer queries online.


        1. Available in 35 languages.
        2. Supports Android and iOS.
        3. Manages chat, email, and social media pages.


      The plan starts from $39 to $99 per month.
      Happy Fox gives a 14-day free trial for its users.


          • ✓ An excellent tool for sales and marketing.
          • ✓ Simple and easy to use.


        • ✘ Shows complication while reporting.

Other software that gives excellent results include:

    • Cayzu
    • Topdesk
    • Wix answers
    • Sherpadesk
    • Salesforce Essential

In conclusion,

A help desk management software is beneficial for your company in many ways. It not only manages your enterprise but it makes you stronger, secure, and up-to-date with current trends.

With many competitors, correctly implementing strategy and time management enables a company to grow rapidly.

31West Global provides the best help desk service that is perfect for your business. We put emphasis on saving time, saving money, and correct help desk software essential for your business growth. 31West stands out among the top service desk providers, globally.

Join us now and let us create a difference, by making you stand out amongst your competitors!

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